Killing Eve: The Hungry Caterpillar
April 21, 2019 7:07 PM - Season 2, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Vulture recap
posted by matildaben at 11:05 AM on April 23, 2019

I keep coming here for commentary and not finding any from you fine people. [sobs]
posted by desuetude at 6:44 AM on April 24, 2019 [2 favorites]

You know, I like that Villanelle just goes for things. She doesn't pussyfoot.

I don't really get what Kenny's deal is? I mean, of course he was frustrated by Eve becoming all imperious and ordering him to do stupid shit -- I get why he was mad at the end. But in general, what's his deal?

The Not!MI-6 crowd is pretty interesting generally. The whole vibe is "The Office" but written by le Carré, and I love it. I wish the show spent more time with them (both individually and as a group), rather than being completely focused on Eve, who, let's face it, is not that interesting when she's not interacting with Villanelle. Although the show is called Killing Eve, so what can you expect.

The Ghost is pretty interesting, and I like knowing nothing about her and having her just "haunt" everything/everyone (including Villanelle). I hope we don't find anything out about her for a long time, it's so much fun having her be so mysterious. It makes her a good foil to Villanelle, too, who is nothing if not ostentatious and who we now know basically everything about.

The thing with Eve's husband and the teacher and all that is insufferably boring. I just don't care about their marriage. It's clearly seen better days, maybe it's time to end it. Or maybe not -- what do I care? Even Eve doesn't seem that pressed about it at this point, so I don't see why the audience should be. And I guess Villanelle sees Eve's husband as a rival for her affections, but obviously Eve and Villanelle aren't going to run off into the sunset together for any real length of time (they're both too bloodthirsty for that, they got like one day before a stabbing last time they were together), so I see Eve's husband as irrelevant to their relationship anyway.
posted by rue72 at 7:11 AM on April 24, 2019 [1 favorite]

My commentary is basically just me cackling every week because I somehow forget every time how funny this show is.
posted by Stacey at 7:21 AM on April 24, 2019 [4 favorites]

The reunion between Konstantin and Villanelle was hysterical. "You sound like Raymond, who I love, and miss very much."
posted by gladly at 7:31 PM on April 24, 2019 [6 favorites]

I hadn't realized until I saw them meet again how wonderful Konstantin and Villanelle are together. It's not quite a romance, not quite a mentorship, not quite older brother and little sister, but something delightful.
posted by matildaben at 9:33 PM on April 24, 2019 [6 favorites]

I love this show so much. I wish that Tom and Lorenzo were doing episode-by-episode recaps à la Mad Style for Mad Men, because I find the costume choices so interesting and authentic to the characters, and also obviously a hugely important part of the narrative (like when Villanelle sends those luxe, carefully chosen clothes to Eve). Those silver pants!! And the impact they make when she's running down the hall to jump into Konstantin's arms (or stab him!)!

And I remain Team Carolyn 4Ever. Not at all surprised that she took care not to love Kenny too much.
posted by stellaluna at 1:06 PM on April 25, 2019 [5 favorites]

Loved Carolyn's deadpan announcement that she has hobbies. Only Fiona Shaw could have delivered that line so perfectly.
posted by Paul Slade at 2:10 PM on June 15, 2019 [1 favorite]

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