Street Food: Season 1
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From the creators of the popular series Chef's Table, season one of this new series focuses on Asia, visiting nine different cities and countries. Each episode highlights the life and story of a local acclaimed street food vendor.

Food & Wine: 'Street Food' Season One: All of the Chefs Featured, and Where to Find Them

Vulture review "Watch Street Food for all the usual reasons you watch travel food shows. Watch to learn about cuisines you don’t know, and to have some escapist food fantasies, and to appreciate the craft of unbelievably skilled chefs. But don’t be surprised if you come away from the show with a sense that, more than many food documentaries, this one is about things other than food — income inequality, desperation, demonstrations of will, and making food because you love it, but also because you need to work to survive."
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I've watched a couple of episodes of this series. It's excellent and it will make you hungry. I recommend watching it with subtitles but not dubbing.
posted by sevenyearlurk at 12:35 PM on May 2, 2019

I've only seen the first episode but Jay Fai is pretty irresistible. Her unlikely success story is almost as satisfying as her food seems to be.
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Watched the first two eps last weekend and really liked it. As mentioned in the Vulture pull-quote, the episodes I watched were more about the strength and perseverance of the chefs in the face of adversity than about the food. Lookig forward to watching the rest.
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im not into such nonsense, but if i were to ever come up with a family crest/motto "We are a chaat family" would certainly be in the running
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I know I need to accept that David Gelb shows are always going to lean more towards the chef's story as opposed to the food, but it's driving me particularly crazy with this series. Can I get a hint as to what the cassava noodles taste like? Coconut and palm sugar are mentioned as ingredients of jajan pasar, but what were those pink jelly-bean looking things?
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