The Deca Tapes: Season One
May 3, 2019 7:48 AM - Subscribe

“Recordings have been sent to us of ten people that are locked into the same space together.”

The Deca Tapes is a sci-fi mystery podcast in eight parts, 20-30 minutes apiece.
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I stumbled into this one around week one, and it immediately shot to the top of my anticipation list. I won't spoil any of it, but the writing does amazing work in revealing just enough of the world it's in to keep us guessing, and then pivoting to point us toward the climax(es).
posted by Etrigan at 7:52 AM on May 3, 2019

If you're just paging through the Podcasts section and wondering whether this is just something that one person liked, it made the AV Club's best podcasts of 2019 so far list.
posted by Etrigan at 10:58 AM on June 17, 2019

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