Adding channel/streaming service after titles?
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I don't know if this is the right place for this kind of request, but would it be possible to start adding the channel or streaming service the show is on, after the title? So "Dead to Me (full season) (Netflix)"

I'm often not familiar with the shows posted, and this would be a quick way for folks to know if they even have access to it before they click in to read the discussion. Or maybe it could be a tag?
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I would feed this pony sugar cubes! I think it would help to list the platform either in the title, or in the front page description.
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I posted a similar request a couple of months ago, and the response seemed to be ... tags?
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Thanks GM -- in response to some of the comments in that thread about Netflix dropping stuff, etc., I'm thinking this would only apply to series that are native/original to that service, not movies that they might just have for a limited time. Would be great to have a way to do it that didn't require folks to click in to see the tags but it's not that big of a deal if that seems like the easiest solution.
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I've always put it in the tags, but since the previous discussion I've been trying to make a point of putting the channel/platform/country in the 'above-the-fold' text of the first thread of the series. I figure it'd be overkill to include it in every new episode/season thread, no?
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I don't see why a little line somewhere like at the bottom saying "X currently runs on Netflix/Hulu/etc." would be problematic.
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I don't think this will be helpful. For example, The Good Place (NBC) and The Good Place (Netflix) are the exact same forking show, just depending on where you are streaming from. If you view it on Netflix outside the US, it is presented as a Netflix Original series, complete with title cards to match. From outside the US, it looks like a Netflix show, no different from Stranger Things or Bojack Horseman, and there is no way to know differently without researching the production history of the show, which defeats the purpose.
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Sometimes I look on JustWatch to see whether I can stream something. It supports a number of different countries and covers a lot of TV shows and movies on most streaming services.
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Making this its own field would have two benefits:
1. It would be a required field. It has never occurred to me to add this info.
2. When I click on a tag that says "Netflix", I won't just see all the shows I can see on Netflix, I'll get all the episodes which is hard to navigate to see all the shows at once. If this was its own field, then it could have different behavior when I click on it.
3. The downside to making it its own field is that sometimes things can be streamed in multiple places. Maybe it could just be specifically the "primary" home, so like with Good Place the primary home is NBC because you need access to NBC to see new episodes whereas old episodes might be in a bunch of places. This way when I click on "NBC" I can see what else I need access to NBC to see.
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