Sons of Anarchy: Faith and Despondency
November 12, 2014 4:48 PM - Season 7, Episode 10 - Subscribe

It's ok honey. You can tell the truth. This is a safe room.
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Aaaw! How touching are Tig and Venus and all that boxing stuff.
Is Jax capable of matricide?
Next episode is going to be a cracker.
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Creepy Abel did not disappoint! That was exactly the unsettling reveal I was hoping for!
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Yes, a totally great reveal at the end.

And that whole stuff with Tig and Venus. Considering this show, that was an incredibly sensitive scene that I'm sure will be one of the things the show is remembered for. Though I can't help imagining the whole time Tig telling Venus "I shot a man in the dick for you today" and it somehow being just as tender a moment. That scene was a victory for love.
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"Is Jax capable of matricide?"

Nope. Juice, on the other hand and as the only other person who knows for certain, may be capable of mommy-complex-acide at this point.

Excellent episode all around.
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hi im 2 weeks late to the eye party sorry
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Yup, Venus and Tig - such a great scene. Tig was always so loony and so himself. And Venus clearly went through so much to get to be herself. So great to see the two of them so happy!

I really like Wendy. She is really a success story. I used to work with someone who was in a similar life and situation. I really admired her for pulling herself up and out of some pretty terrible shit.
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