Star vs. the Forces of Evil?
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Does anyone watch it or would be willing to comment on a FF post? It's a Disney/Disney XD show that's also available on Amazon Prime. If you like the emotional relationships of Steven Universe, wished that Game of Thrones was more female-positive, or generally like Magical Girl anime, you'd probably like this show!

SvtFE just wrapped up its 4th and final season, and personally I want to discuss it with other people. They're doing a marathon this Friday, so I could do a post a season at a time. There are 22 episodes in a season, but each episode is only 15 minutes.

Intergalactic warrior Star Butterfly arrives on Earth to live with the Diaz family. She continues to battle villains throughout the universe and high school, mainly to protect her extremely powerful wand, an object that still confuses her.
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Oh wow, I didn't know there was a marathon. I've had the DVR setup for the final season and caught random episodes from the other seasons. Don't know what I'd say in a FF post. It's enjoyable and the theme song is infectious (I almost put it on my MeFi Music Swap Mixtape). I hope the marathon fills in some more gaps in the earlier seasons.
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Is this one long story, across seasons or across the entire show?
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Yes x3 but it doesn't really matter that much IMHO. I only caught the last bit of S3 and then S4 and it's the occasional re-run of earlier episodes filling in the gaps. But the stories are obvious enough to fill in the blanks and there's like 6 episodes per season that are long stories and the rest are minimal side adventures. Maybe a bit like Adventure TIme but not as complex.

I might even say it's more fun to watch the endings and then pick up the beginnings later on.
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Maybe wait until next month, when the season 4 shows up on Hulu?
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I believe (though have not had it confirmed) that the show was somewhat planned out, but I know that some stuff that happens/appears in S1 influences the last season. The first season is mostly monster of the day episodes, but I think it sets up Star and her relationships so that you get more out of S3 and S4. Season 1 came out in 2015, so looking back at the list of titles, I haven't seen/remembered all of those eps (we must have started watching in the last half it), so I would recommend sticking through S1, even if it doesn't seem like it's going anywhere.

Gah, I have all the feels! If I remember, I'll try to post season-long posts after S4 shows up on Hulu, or will comment if other people want to start their own posts of the show.
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S1 is amazing. They all are. This is such a good show, it's a shame it's not more well known. Right up there with Steven Universe and Gravity Falls, IMO.
We're watching the last 2 episodes tomorrow.
When do we lift the spoiler embargo?
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And, like S.U. and G.F., the 'filler' episodes are usually as good if not better than the main story ones.
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Yeah, now that I've watched *all the episodes* I'm a bit more sad that it's over. I only started after watching some random YT video on the history of magical-girls in anime and their influence over the decades and Star came up so I caught random S3 episodes and then S4 and all was well. Within reason, episodes stand alone and enough is explained to sorta guess about what happened in the past once you get a bit of feel. Watching them all in a bit of haphazard manner was probably more fun than starting from the beginning.

I was totally not expecting the ending. Well Played.
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