Happy Face (2018)
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Stanislas, 19, is left on his own when his mother is hospitalized. Terrorized by her illness, he wraps his face in bandages and infiltrates a therapy workshop for disfigured patients. Website

Got a chance to watch this recently, and it stuck with me. As my viewing was part of a film tour, we had a brief introduction by the director (and writer), followed by Q&A. This "dramedy", is very poignant and touching, as well as autobiographical.

Much of the cast were not trained actors initially, but people who have facial disfigurements.
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Wow I would love to see this.
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Yeah, I lucked into the viewing I attended - but, perhaps now that the tour is complete (and several film festivals), it will see wider release. So - apologies for now, watch the thread, I will monitor and add updates if I can find more info.
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