Six Feet Under: The Room
May 29, 2019 1:03 PM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

In the cold open, Mr. Jones wakes up to find himself a widower after 56 years of marriage. Ruth introduces David to Hiram and is pursued by florist Nikolai. Claire forms a connection with both Billy and Brenda. David fends off the advances of Tracy Montrose Blair and welcomes the advances of a pick up from a gay bar. Nate discovers that Nathaniel had some interesting bookkeeping methods. And all the Fishers, plus Brenda and Rico, have a chance to learn a little about love and grief from Mr. Jones, who isn't able to bear the separation from his beloved Hattie for long.
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The irascible Mr. Jones had such a poignant arc. Elderly people who lose their partners often don't survive for very long without them, and probably Fisher & Sons has often been called upon to bury a second spouse shortly after burying the first.

Ruth is much too prone to slapping people in the face.

Billy is such bad news for Claire (he's both unstable and too old for her), and Brenda was rightly and immediately alarmed and did what she could to keep them apart, but I don't know why she told Claire that Billy's "complicated" rather than telling her, "He's bipolar, and doesn't take his meds reliably."

Tracy, Tracy, Tracy. I feel like Tracy could really benefit from some AskMe-style plain speaking, so here goes: honey, if you have to try that hard, it's not on, and you're just setting yourself up for ongoing disappointment and rejection if you keep trying to interest someone who is most definitely not interested. Let it go and look elsewhere for a boyfriend.

David has said that he and his father only talked about work, and he seems not to have had any interest in knowing what his father was about outside of that. I mean, David must have known there was unaccounted for time in his father's work schedule. What did he think Nathaniel was doing? It's Nate who is curious about who his father was, but there's not all that much to be learned from the bits and pieces his father left behind.

Here's Hattie's obituary:

Mildred "Hattie" Effinger Jones

April 16th, 1920 - March 21st, 2001

Mildred "Hattie" Jones passed away peacefully on March 21, 2001.

Hattie was born on April 16, 1920, in Carbondale, PA, the second youngest of nine children. She met her husband Alfred at a county fair, where she was performing with her sisters in a vocal trio called "The Glory Bees" and he was playing trombone in a traveling band. The couple wed two weeks later, on May 8, 1944 and continued traveling with Alfred's band before eventually settling in California.

Hattie loved to cook, crochet and sing in the church choir. She was a loving wife, friend and sister, and will be remembered for her humor, her generosity, her famous coffee cakes and her beaming smile.

Hattie is survived by her loving husband of 56 years, Alfred; her sister Mabel and her brother Mitchell.

Visitation will be held at Fisher & Sons Funeral Home, today from 2-4PM. Funeral mass will follow at 5PM at Second Baptist Church. God bless you, Hattie. We will miss you dearly.

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Is this the episode in which Brenda and Billy totally bedazzle Claire, just be being their fucked-up selves?

Claire loves the fucked-up.
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