What We Do in the Shadows: Ancestry
June 6, 2019 7:57 AM - Season 1, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Guillermo steals semen has DNA tests run for everyone, and Nandor and finds out that he has a descendant living in Staten Island, while Guillermo confirms that he's the descendant of, um, just your typical Mexican piñata farmers. Nadja calls to her lost love Gregor, and his current incarnation, Jeff, comes looking for her. [Season finale]
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"There's nothing to be ashamed of. People love piñatas. Someone's got to breed those colorful donkeys."

I am thrilled there's a second season, because I really want to see how Guillermo the Great comes into his own as a vampire-killer. Possibly to do battle with Nadja's baby vampire/Guillermo's former LARPer friend? And/or become awkward lovers? So many exciting possibilities!

Gregor/Jeff was an oddly brief story line. But I guess that's the joke.
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They tried SO HARD to stay in church for the funeral. I too cannot wait to see what's going to happen with Guillermo, and what about Jenna? I know Jenna has invisibility powers, but I want to see her some more.
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The Guillermo van Helsing reveal was a) not a huge surprise but also b) so so funny ohmygosh.
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I love that he's 3.12% Van Helsing. This whole season was pretty great.
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Also, Laszlo called Gregor/Jeff, "Del Boy" because Nadja is his sweet baby.
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The Gregor/Jeff storyline finished surprisingly strong for me because of how well Laszlo sold the ending. It...was actually very sweet! He kept killing Gregor because Gregor made Nadja sad! (And when the pulled back to reveal all the painting of Gregor's past lives...also showed Laszlo killing him each time! Art joke worthy of the movie, I loved it.)

I WILL miss Nadja rapturously forgetting Jeff's name every episode, but I'm hoping this will leave more room for Jenna next season.
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I never watched past the first few episodes of The Office because cringe comedy is not my thing. But I guess cringe comedy with vampires IS my thing.

I think the short season is a good thing. There was just enough of everything, and it would be so easy to do too much. There were a couple of great moments involving the film crew, just enough of the Baron, the local politics, the Energy Vampire, the Famous Guest Stars. The core cast is relatable without being sympathetic. I'm looking forward to more. (And anything that gives Tom Scharpling a steady paycheck is an unalloyed good in my book.)
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100% White was hilarious and so perfect for Colin.
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Finally finished up this show - the film was a tough act to follow but I think they did an admirable job. Matt Berry in particular continues to be brilliant.
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Can we just admire how great it is that Guillermo's last name is "de la Cruz" or "of the cross"?
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