Legion: Chapter 20
June 26, 2019 3:20 PM - Season 3, Episode 1 - Subscribe

David gets a new friend.

Ok. So...I never watched Legion before, but I saw it was on last night, and it was the season premier, so I went with it. Glad I did. I have no idea how it relates to the first two seasons, but, man, that was some captivating hallucinatory eye candy going on in this episode.

Anywho, it sure was fun.
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I think it's fair to say "captivating hallucinatory eye candy" just about covers the series as a whole, so you might enjoy going back and watching it from the beginning if you can (there have been some major shifts in allegiance over the series, you might be surprised).

Personally, it's one of my favourite things ever - definitely at or near the top of my list of Marvel adaptations - and I'm really glad it's back and even more glad it's coming to an end, because I'd rather have a limited story with some sense of structure. I'm looking forward to watching the whole thing through to see how it plays.
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My one word review of this episode, and most of last season: "What?"
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I’m very glad to see that it starts with some real narrative drive. Season 2 had a tendency to lock up into navel gazing way too frequently. More like this please.
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Looks like they're going to deal with the whole end of season 2 Rapist David plot by ignoring it happened.
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Yeah, I was worried about this after the awful heel-turn of last season, but I enjoyed this episode. It seems like a smart move not to tell it from David's POV any more.
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Yeah, certainly one way to get around totally imploding your protagonist is to just introduce a new protagonist. Plus, they made some effort towards bringing Ptonomy back, even if his time in the mainframe seems so far to have just turned him into Basket-Head-Guy 2.0.
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Oh wow, that was Lauren from the Hawaii season of Terrace House.
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I still predict they're building to a big reveal of how deeply Farouk has twisted everything (including Syd) and maybe that all the characters are personalities in David's mind.
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I fell behind on the last season while it was airing, and then after seeing the reactions to the last episode I decided to just hit pause, enjoy the first season as its own thing, and wait to see if season 3 was a step in the right direction or if it doubled down. Worth jumping back in now?
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Worth jumping back in now?

Probably too early to tell. Lauren Tsai is a great addition, and the production design is somehow even better, but who knows where the plot is headed.
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I did a rewatch of the first two seasons, and found that the s2 ender sat better with me. I definitely still think that they could and should have handled David's heel turn better overall--but did eat some small crow by having to admit more of its groundwork was laid than I remembered or noticed at the time, even in season 1. David violating Syd's boundaries from the get-go; Lenny having some pointed questioning about did she really know him, and if so, which him. That sort of thing!

I still pretty much expect every wheel to fly off over the course of this season, but will be delighted to be wrong.
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Looks like they're going to deal with the whole end of season 2 Rapist David plot by ignoring it happened.

Farouk called out Syd wanting to take revenge on David. I wouldn't call that ignoring it happened....
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In the laundromat! Hoping this means she's recurring.
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Dude, the entire band is in this scene.

Even the song!

What a perfect band/song to write into this show.
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I apologize for live commenting my reactions to a celeb cameo. I just really like Superorganism.
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