Murder, She Wrote: Sing a Song of Murder   Rewatch 
November 15, 2014 2:35 PM - Season 2, Episode 5 - Subscribe

When Jessica gets a call from a British solicitor telling her she has inherited her cousin Emma McGill's estate, she heads off to London. The estate in question is primarily a 50% share in the Mayhew Music Hall where Emma and her good friend Oliver Trumbull headline a old style revue that, unfortunately for them, isn't very popular any more. But soon after Jessica arrives, she learns Emma is alive and well. She has faked her death because she believes that someone has tries to kill her on several occasions. Emma has been under pressure to sell her share of the Mayhew and is certain that is behind it all. Suspicion soon falls on Trumbull but both Jessica and Trumbull's daughter Kitty feel that he is innocent. Working with Scotland Inspector Roger Crimmins, Jessica lays a trap.
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This is one of my favourite episodes because she is clearly having so much fun as Emma, and Emma is so warm and sweet and dramatic - I wish they'd done an episode where Emma came to Cabot Cove!

Filthy light thief, I'm way behind in my third rewatch to catch up but I wanted to thank you for keeping murder she wrote recaps up.
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No problem! To be honest, I'm a bit behind, too, but I feel obligated to keep to the schedule. I'll catch up soon enough.

Random thoughts for this episode:
  • Oliver Trumbull is a terrible comedian, I'm not sure what cousin Emma see in him?
  • And Emma is JB's doppelganger!
  • I love the fact that there are 80s punks in the crowd, who join in the sing-along! Were they authentic punks, or a lark from someone in the costume department? And how did they feel about the potential for the old place to become a "Rock Palace"?
  • Faked death? Doppel the confusion, doppel the fun!
  • Inspector Crimmins to Jessica: "you haven't stumbled on a murder, have you?" (Because that would be a lot more fun than going through parking tickets)
  • I love the dramatic organ flump when Jessica comes to the funeral, surprising everyone including the organ player. And the second organ interruption was even better, because now it was a theme.
  • JB, poking around Emma's dressing room, looting the corpse before it was dry (from its time in the river, see)
  • "Blood is thicker than water" (and I'm ... water?)
  • How common were table phones in the 1980s? Or were there outlets available in the alcoves of fancier restaurants for high-end business clients?
  • Why did Oliver finally get worked up to actually act after being dismissed from the audition?
  • I was pretty excited for Emma to bash the would-be strong-arm over the head with a flower pot

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