Archer: Archer 1999: Mr. Deadly Goes to Town
June 30, 2019 10:08 PM - Season 10, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Archer and the crew pick up a hitchhiker and try to convince him to turn his life around.

AV Club review (rating: A)
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Watching it again now, after when it was first available.

This is more trying to hit millenials? as opposed to darker gen x "sure, of course this" that was Archer.

I still enjoy it for the callbacks, but I'm feeling that it's increasingly artificial/ non- late-GenX-ish.

I have a serious problem with Lana's first impression of a Dyson-class stellar engineering project and automatically pronouncing it "Evil."

If the writing staff weren't young-ones, or at least more widely read, there's so many potential bits they didn't touch.

Mr. Deadly is not nearly as compelling as whoever wanted to destroy Earth. Given that this is the final season, and these past few are all Archer death-dreaming, then, whatever.
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For much of this episode, I had one thing running through my mind: What is your one purpose in life? To explode, of course (a sample of Dark Star via Antiloop). Sadly, there weren't any samplable moments in this episode, at least to that same level. I was also hoping that exact quote would pop up, but alas.

If the writing staff weren't young-ones, or at least more widely read, there's so many potential bits they didn't touch.

Interesting take. It looks like Mark Ganek, (head) writer, is probably young, given that his credits on IMDb go back to 2005.

I liked this episode, but I agree that it wasn't up to the normal Archer level of references. As noted in the AV Club review:
Obscure reference alert: Look, if the show is just going to spell out the whole Tycho Brahe-metal-nose thing in the text, I don’t even know what I’m doing down here.
I also wonder if there's something more to the mixtape reference.

Anyway, still a fun episode. Not sure if I'd give it a solid A, but at least a B, B+.
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Presumably the title is a reference to Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, the 1936 movie.
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This is my favorite of the season so far. I really loved Mr Deadly.
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I always like hearing from Matt Berry and Thomas Lennon!
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I loved that it wasn’t an obvious reference-fest. Even with the Chekov’s Grenade level of subtlety, this one was fun.
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