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July 1, 2019 2:55 AM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

After Vic becomes disillusioned by both the police and her father, she meets Manx.

In the wake of her morbid discovery, Vic goes on an artistic tear prompting Tiffany to kick Vic out of the house. Her father reveals that serving in the military and trying to cope with its horror on his own "poisoned" him. After the police fail to arrest Bing on Vic's strange account, she confronts him on her own.During the confrontation Bing gives Vic an invitation to meet Manx who offers her a role in his plans.
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Oh cripe I forgot to list book included.
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miss-lapin - message the mods, they'll add the designation. Thanks for making this episode's post, I was just about to come do that but you beat me to it!

Felt this was a chess-piece, mid-season episode - pieces are moving into place, some being put into peril to move the plot forward, but no major action or surprises.

I wanted to shout at the TV when Vic ran out to talk to Bing - "Don't be seen talking to a suspect, Vic! It looks suspicious!" But I guess they needed a reason to put them together so he can give her Charlie Manx's card.

And why did they meet at a bus terminal? Other than a place with benches, why would Manx go there at all? He seemed very out of place.
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Hmm, that is so different from the book and the book seemed so...breezily cinematic. i wonder why they didnt just do a straight adaptation.
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Mod note: Added the Books Included designation!
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I think meeting at the bus terminal was to meet on neutral ground in a public place. But then they made it really really empty, which then makes the public place part irrelevant.

I think what pissed me off the most is Maggie is being chased by a car in a parking lot and RUNS into open space where she can easily be hit instead of putting another car between her and the Wraith. She could have easily just run between two cars at which point the Wraith doesn't have many options in terms of getting to her. But also with that many cars, why are there no people?

I think traditionally meetings like this would happen in a park-lots of people and open spaces (to prevent a surprise attack). But that would have ruled out the Wraith being able to attack Maggie. But they really did need to hire a few extras to be in the terminal.

It's also unclear to me why Vic wouldn't just say Manx was in the car when it hit Maggie. Or not even Manx, just describe Manx (sans scary teeth) as the driver and give the car info. If the detectives can't find anything, just blame the stress of Maggie being hurt so soon after finding a dead body.
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