The Rook: Chapter Two
July 7, 2019 6:08 PM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

While Myfanwy revisits the crime scene in search of her past, Monica discovers a dark truth about one of the victims; one of Myfanwy's dead attackers disappears from the morgue.
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Myfanwy is going to need become a lot more interesting for our house to keep watching this.
posted by DirtyOldTown at 6:29 PM on July 7, 2019

I assume this is a show-only thread but I am finding the differences very irritating and not, at this point, for the better.
posted by jeather at 3:44 PM on July 8, 2019 [1 favorite]

Can anyone elaborate on the scum/ algae choked river with river-buses on them? Is that normal - were these riverways always scummy?

jeather, that makes me want to check out the source material. Was there anything in particular that was egregiously different in the show that irked you?

The pace is a little too sedate (but it lets Adrian Lester soliloquy sometimes).
posted by porpoise at 8:56 PM on July 8, 2019

It's been ages since I read the book, but I think she did much better at hiding the amnesia. I am just liking the show for what it is; but I can't help but pronounce her name like in the Little Britain sketches.
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Other than the concept of powers and the character named Myfanwy having amnesia, the show is nothing like the book. The book is funny and light hearted and worried about who killed her the first time and has vampires affecting wheat prices and really takes bureaucracy seriously instead of Monica (new character replacing important powerful black woman) mocking Ingrid (insufficiently important in the show and horribly miscast).

I am trying to treat them as different things but I don't think my love for the books will pull me through here.
posted by jeather at 3:44 AM on July 9, 2019 [3 favorites]

That was aggressively uninteresting.

The book had charm. This has... the color grey. I'm bailing here.
posted by books for weapons at 4:54 PM on July 9, 2019

Oh this is bad. They completely misunderstood what made the book fun and created a cookie-cutter identical grimdark spy-show that isn't good in the ways it chose to depart from the book. If I get irritated enough (and I probably will), I'll write some more about the differences later.
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