The Good Place: The Podcast: Ch. 1: Michael Schur
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Host Marc Evan Jackson shoots the shirt with storytelling mastermind, show creator and architect of The Good Place (the show, not heaven) Michael Schur. They discuss the backstory of Mike getting carte blanche to make the TV show he's always wanted, the inner workings of Janet, dark corners of fringe ethics, plot development, behind-the-scenes anecdotes about writing and a fork-ton more.NBC Entertainment Podcast Network © 2018

(rough) transcript

No Exit, by Jean-Paul Sartre

About Eleanor's confession: "big chunks of the story just kind of fell into place as soon as we figured out that we shouldn't wait until the end of the year for something interesting to happen"

On casting Jason and Tahani: "okay you need to find a east asian or filipino preferably unknown man who is both a wonderful silent film actor and also a skilled comedian who can play a dumb guy from Florida, right, that is not an easy thing to find and the same is true of Tahani. The description was Indian or Pakistani born flawless upper-class British accent actress, also very tall"

Janet: "in the original outline that i had Janet was a kiosk was a was a sort of place where it was like a storytelling device was an information delivery system which was when Eleanor needed to know something she could go to like a kiosk and just like press a button and talk to essentially Siri (...) it's like a weird quirk of the writing process But it took me like months to figure out that that would be more interesting if it were played by a human being"

Ted Danson gushing: check "a very modest person.... very lovely"

Cast of Good Place reveal video

What's Good? GiveWell
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This podcast is such a delight!

Mark Evan Jackson has one of the best voices ever (he IS Sparks Nevada, after all), and he has such joy talking to people about the show. Which he clearly loves.

I think I've listened to this whole run at least twice.
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