Albums and music?
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Any place for albums or music in FanFare?

I apologize if this was addressed elsewhere and I failed to find it... but any chance of adding music to FanFare? I know we get some nice front page posts about albums or music from time to time in the blue, but I'd love it if there were a place for Mefites to discuss music.

I'm unsure if this was considered and ruled out for some reason when FanFare was created, or if it hasn't come up (I'm guessing it must have, but again I can't find the discussion) before. Anyway - this Mefite would love a place to discuss music with more frequency than it tends to come up on the front page. Thanks!
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Skimming past FanFare-related Metatalk threads, I don't see anything substantive about album posts.

Structurally, I think they'd work similarly to Book posts, where you'd enter the album name (and possibly the artist/band), and the site queries ... something. Musicbrainz? Discogs? Amazon?

When posting a book, the error message for book title not found is "No matching title found. Please edit your book title so that it matches a book listed at or use a US ISBN."
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