Ashes Ashes: Ep 75 - Business. School.
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The past few decades has seen explosive growth in the number of universities around the world, but it may not be for the noble reasons we would like. Decreased public funding, and new conceptions of universities as engines for economic growth has spurred an intensity of competition for student fees. This shift may help explain rising trends in managerialism, over-quantification of students and researchers, commodification of education, and an 'amenities arms race.' Not to mention staggering student debt, elitism, college admission scandals, and whole countries in protest. Will we be able to turn this failing grade around, or will class be dismissed?


05:38 Speaking of Universities
17:58 Dystopian Future of Universities
20:53 Bolsonaro Assaults Education
33:36 U.S. Education Scandals
38:46 Managerialism and Quantification
47:56 Student Debt; Predatory For-Profit Schools; Competition
56:47 What Can We Do?

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posted by the man of twists and turns (1 comment total)
I was looking for a podcast to listen to while painting my living room and this series was the first one that sounded good. I really liked the theme of quantification of which I only became aware after reading a book years ago that described the rise of the "pencil pusher" logistical experts who came of age during WWII and transformed the post-war US economy. Every little thing had to be identified and assigned a value. Ephemeral things that could not be pigeonholed were downplayed or translated into a commercial product ( "You'll be happy if you buy this new car!" ) And it's so pervasive! and it's getting more extreme with higher education. Although I did read somewhere that Wall St liked to hire philosophy majors because they knew how to think.
posted by TWinbrook8 at 12:06 PM on July 17, 2019

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