Legion: Chapter 23
July 20, 2019 3:55 PM - Season 3, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Time is preyed upon.

Looks like someone didn't do their Lessons in Time Travel homework.
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For days I've been trying to think where those demons came from and it's just struck me - it's Residents aesthetic, isn't it? - the eyes and teeth, the jerky stop motion. I hope I get the chance to rewatch the series on a much bigger screen some time, because it's reliably gorgeous.

Oh, and I totally fell for the The Shield gag. More fool me.
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The time demons are very Yellow Submarine Blue Meanies.
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The first segment with the group in the "space between time" with all the still images was so very Twin Peaks: The Return influenced I wouldn't have even questioned it if a woodsman suddenly showed up.
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The segments in the space between time reminded me a lot of House of Leaves, where Danielewski sometimes varies the amount of text on the page with the effect of controlling how fast you're physically moving through the book (less and less text on each page => turning pages faster and faster).
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The time monsters are basically still images -- those sequences this week and last remind me heavily of La Jetée which itself inspired 12 Monkeys.
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Grangousier we are watching on a big screen and I highly recommend it!
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