Strange Angel: Aeon
July 26, 2019 9:02 AM - Season 2, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Susan and Patty's relationship reaches a breaking point when Susan learns of her sister's indiscretions - nevertheless, they must join forces to use Virgil as a means to an end. After Marisol receives devastating news, she gains a new perspective on her relationship with Richard. Jack has a chance to get back into the military's good graces, but the conditions may be too tough to swallow. Jack's power within the Agape rises to new heights; however, the arrival of a new prospective tenant at the Parsonage threatens to change all that. [Season finale]

"Ladies and gentlemen, the new aeon is upon us. And it is necessary that we defend our freedom, unless we all wish to be slaves."


"I've heard a lot of things about you, Mr. Parsons. All bad. Very bad. Just my kind of thing."
"Mmm. And you are?"
"Lafayette Ronald Hubbard. But my friends call me Ron."
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I finally finished the book (Amazon, Goodreads) that "inspired" this show, and "inspired by" is the best way to put it. Assuming George Pendle's research into the people and events is correct, the series is something of a "remix" of the facts.

Some changes appear to be to increase drama, while other changes might even be changed to make the story more believable, or flow more logically, particularly with the limited time available in the number of episodes per season.

I wonder how the Church of Scientology would feel about the 3rd season, if it gets a 3rd season. Saying "Ron stole from Alister Crowley's Thelema to create CoS" sounds like the kind of thing that would get CoS upset. They might even dislike how Ron is portrayed, as a boastful liar, if the book is anything of a template for the 3rd season.
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