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Euphoria follows "a group of high school students as they navigate drugs, sex, identity, trauma, social media, love and friendship."

It has been renewed for a second season.
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There was a post for a pilot, but now that the season wrapped up I'm guessing some of y'all have stuck with it?

In any case, I really enjoyed it! It's like Skins but 12 years later, in the US and darker, almost a grab bag of all the (percieved) current issues in society.

It's very intense (particularly the pilot but afterwards as well) and some of the themes in it hit waaaaay too close to home for me, which made it a hard (but worthwhile) watch. (note to future employers googling my nickname: it wasn't the drugs. I don't do drugs.) I really liked Rue and Jules and could identify with both of them in certain things.

While there are arguably a lot of Current Teen Cliches going on, I think overall most characters were very much 3-dimensional, and they are playing those tropes really well (Kat is a good example for that).

The visuals of the show, if nothing else, should definitely win an Emmy because a lot of scenes are just downright gorgeous. (I screenshoted this from episode 4)

I do wonder where they'll go in Season 2 and how/if they can avoid the usual trap of rehashing the same things in different ways, like how Rue goes back to drugs in the final scene of the season: I get it, but at the same time it feels like pushing the show towards a status quo. I want her to grow. I would love her to spend more time with Ali from NA next season: I love the actor and I think they have a good dynamic.

I'm especially curious how Jules will grow and where will they take her.

I enjoyed the supporting characters as well: I hope Lexy gets more character development next season.

Also, Kat is great.
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I am obsessed with the eye makeup. And the soundtrack. And how often they made me feel dizzy with the camera angles. This show packed an emotional punch even though I really couldn’t relate to nearly any of it. Also looking forward to seeing what a season 2 will look like!
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I like the show. I'm a bit stunned that that's going to be it for the season. I hope they don't focus on Rue so much next season, I kind of found her drug addiction to be boring. I think they are hinting pretty hard that Lexy is going to revel she has a crush on Rue.

The show is weird and fresh and so great visually. I keep thinking that (obvious nudity aside) it's the sort of thing that should be on MTV. (Mind you, I haven't really watched MTV since the early 90s, so I have no idea what they show these days. No need to tell me, either.)

But yeah, the lighting and the makeup and sets, camerawork... this is really great TV.
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I am obsessed with the eye makeup.

Yes! It took me a couple of episodes to notice, and then it was one of my favorite things to watch through all the episodes.

I liked the show a lot; some pieces felt true to life (and a few were hard to watch), while other parts were unreal and floaty. I ended up caring about a lot of the characters, both good and bad.
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I really enjoyed the series, but the last episode felt . . . unsatisfying. All of those plot threads that had been looming for a while just got ignored. It's as if they found out they were renewed for a second season and then decided to replace the most of finale episode with a music video so they had content for next year.
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Yeah, the last episode left me wanting as well.
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We just finished a rewatch of this... I swear there was a scene the next morning with Lexi and Rue where Lexi tells Rue she's gay. I must be remembering some other movie or something.
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I really enjoyed this show so far. Since I am a 49-year-old male it can feel a bit squicky to watch at times, but I like how good it is at being emo. It captures that teenage feeling that everything is crisis, everything is drama, and everything is beautiful at the same time. The visuals, the music, the non-linear editing all work together to deliver a huge dopamine rush.

The casting is amazing, too. But what's NOT amazing is the plotting - the main arc of Season one (with Nate as the villain) is tedious, repetitive and unrealistic. I think one just has to accept that this is not what the showrunners are good at and enjoy the rest.
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