Killjoys: Ship Outta Luck
August 10, 2019 5:44 AM - Season 5, Episode 4 - Subscribe

The Killjoy trio must figure out a way to break out from an inescapable maximum security prison.
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"I missed you, angry ginger!"

We all did, Zeph. We all did.
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Also, I love that the Three are in prison for stuff they actually did. Johnny really did steal ships, Dutch really is an assassin (btw, thanks for making me google 'vatacide: the murder of a poet, seer or prophet'), and D'av really did kill his own squad.
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1. I am glad that Zeph is still alive.

2. Turin's annoyance with Pree being the head of the RAC should be a fun running joke for the next few episodes.

3. I loved Lucy and Tamsen McDonough has done great voice work. I do not want to have lost her. But I fear that letting John try to, 'remake,' Lucy through Nucy is going to backfire. Nucy will never be able to call her right's holder, 'thief,' with the proper context of love and disdain.
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Nucy calling John Shawn was just such a giggle.
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I want a supercut of all of Turin's genital-based comments.

"Well that's a kick in the taint."

He's very crotch-oriented.

Crotchety, one might say.
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