The Righteous Gemstones: Interlude
September 15, 2019 10:55 PM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

In 1989, young Jesse, Judy and Baby Billy each deal with the news that Aimee-Leigh is pregnant in their own unique way, while Eli looks to grow his family's prospects.
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this episode confirmed for me a theory i had that baby billy is going to be the show's ultimate antagonist. in his great interview with polygon danny mcbride talked about this show being an epic where by the end of it "you’ll know everybody in this family, cousins, great uncles, all these people. In my eyes, this season is chapter one." the blackmail storyline is just chapter one. the battle of eli vs baby billy is going to be the real story of The Righteous Gemstones.
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Casting Walton Goggins in a supporting role in 2019 is essentially hanging "BIG BAD" on a sign around the character's neck.
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The Misbehaving performance by Aimee-Lee and Baby Billy was terrific. It was written for the show by Danny McBride and Edi Patterson plus series composer Joey Stephens. There's an article about its genesis (ha!) here. The choreography was hilarious too. And they did a great job with the '80s sets, props, costumes, and hair. Great small point that Baby Billy is still driving the same car.
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Apart from "Misbehaving," (which holy crap I can't believe wasn't a song that already existed–it really did feel like a song I've heard before), I also noticed that a lot of the music in this episode was terrific. Sure, I'm sure it was because it was supposed to be the 80s, and being from that decade I'm predisposed to like it, but that was some great music.

Whoever cast young Jesse needs to win some awards because that kid was perfect.

Who wouldn't love to fall asleep in a pile of dinner rolls they grabbed from the restaurant?
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Another great episode. I'm really looking forward to the character development of Baby Billy. Also looking forward to how the car pranks debacle plays out in this week's episode. I've never seen Vice Principals, but I started watching that last night as well. At this point, Danny McBride can just take my money.
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That Walton Goggins was ‘Laughter’ in American Ultra
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