Cobra Kai: Season 2 (Full Season)
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In the aftermath of Cobra Kai's win at the Under 18 All Valley Karate Championships, Johnny questions his dojo's philosophy and deals with a figure from his past. Daniel searches for the right way to respond to Cobra Kai's dominance.
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Okay, this is a laughable question, but in the school fight scene, they must've CGI'ed in those locker knobs and latches (or more probably, the entire locker-filled hall itself), right? Because getting your hiney kicked is one thing, but no one is shrugging off repeatedly being thrown back-first into locker knobs and latches. If anyone has a link to any of those "before and after CGI" videos like were done with Game of Thrones, please let me know.
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I would guess that they probably just built a set of lockers out of rubber and painted them to look like metal. That plus some padding under the actor or stunt-person’s clothes would make it relatively safe to get slammed into.
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As awful as spinal injuries are, it was weirdly almost a relief to finally see some actual consequences to all the damned fighting. And it was both disheartening and really interesting to see how Johnny and Daniel are sort of cosmically doomed to be opposed to each other. Looking forward to season 3!
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Yeah, realistically that school brawl looked like it would have landed a lot of people in the hospital with serious injuries if not fatalities, and arrests. As dramatic as it was to see Kreese take over Cobra Kai, I feel like in the real world they’d get shut down as being a gang. I’m very curious to see how they move forward in S3.

Re: the tragedy of Johnny and Daniel. That accidental double date was heartbreaking in the best way. Like, that they (and we) got a glimpse at the AU where they could be friends, but watching it you know that disaster is lurking.

I got to fangirl briefly to Zabka at his autograph table at DragonCon, and made it to the Cobra Kai panel which was terrific.
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