Fall 2019 TV season general post
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US Network television fall premiere season starts on Monday (9/23/19), just wanted to make a general planning post (and a heads-up for the impending slew of threads on pilots of dubious quality). Various tv-sites' premiere calendars linked below.
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I'll be submitting new shows to the mod queue one or two days before their premiere dates (don't want to do it too early, since it seems that new series show up in the Fanfare sidebar in the order that they were approved from the mod queue, not in theo order that the new thread is posted), and aiming to get threads up within an hour or two of broadcast. The timing will just depend on which show I watch first on the nights with multiple shows in the same time slots.

None of the new shows are really jumping out at me from the descriptions and promos, but, maybe there's a gem in there somewhere.
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Thanks for this! I'm generally out of the loop with new stuff and only see what pops up here and some review sites, so I appreciate you posting the pilots and sharing your reactions and reviews.
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No problem -- I do love new-pilot season, even when the lineup is mediocre. And making a Fanfare project out of it means I can rationalize my waste of time :-)

Sadly the Monday-Wednesday shows I submitted got approved in the opposite order that I submitted them, so I don't think Mixed-ish, Emergence, or Stumptown are going to show up in the sidebar at all when the threads go up, since Bluff City Law didn't bump show up, but, oh well.
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Ah, thanks - I sort of looked at my DVR schedule and went "huh, that's looking especially barren" this fall and added a bunch of stuff that looked like it _might_ be interesting, but I bounce off of shows pretty quickly, so I appreciate having other viewpoints that might help me stick with a thing for a while longer than I might have otherwise.
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