Killjoys: Last Dance
September 20, 2019 8:08 PM - Season 5, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Yay for a "this time, everybody lives!" finale, I feel like I haven't had one of those for a genre show lately, so many show runners seem to buy into the 'body count = meaningful art' trope, I'm really glad Killjoys went the other direction. (To the almost ludicrous extreme of bringing back Pip, but, what the hell, Zeph deserves a break.)

I'm going to miss Gared. The way he ducked behind Pree slightly when Pree was opening the box from Del Seyah cracked me up. I hope the actor gets to do more comedy/drama, seems from his imdb he's mostly been cast for his muscles, but does voiceover work too.
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This show. This Show!

I am gonna miss it so hard.

::Sheds a tear of joy::
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As much as I wanted to like it more, the resolution of the Lady's storyline felt sort of "whoop, here we are aaaand freeze-o-beams woo she's dead! but wait, she sent a bunch of her spawn off in space ships, something for the secondary media to handle!" aaaaand go wrap up the various unresolved interpersonal issues, everybody! Like the entirety of Westerly's terraforming kind of got what, a quick reprise during the intro and that's it, moving on!

On the other hand, right, I was glad it mostly resolved without killing off beloved characters, although I'm curious what the implication of Aneela/Delle Seyah's Green Transplant was supposed to be. Like woo hoo, the Hullen are BACK, baby! ?

I dunno, not the season ender or series closer I wanted, but the whole Lady storyline felt like it was being played too much in the open for it to be an interesting ending like the end of the Hullen storyline turned out. I mean, I'll still miss it, it was good mostly lighthearted fun space scifi. We don't get a lot of that, it feels like everything is either non-serious goofball comedy like Other Space or grimdark meathook future.
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I don’t think Aneela has enough of the Green left in her veins to turn anyone Hullen but Del Seyah, she’s not even sure she has enough left for her. Lovretta said in the interview linked above that she’s done the ‘immortal being with a mortal love’ trope before, and wanted to explore the idea of ‘immortal being loves person so much they want to share immortality with them’ this time instead.
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I mean, as a season baddie the Lady just didn't feel as threatening to Our Buddies as the Hullen or the Gentry or the RAC or basically anything else that was a threat in previous seasons. She just sort of scowled at Khlyen at lot and had sort of nebulous threats to Westerly that sort of stopped feeling like a threat halfway through the season, I guess? The whole "our buddies could be mind-wiped at any time" threat was good enough, but both got handled for the name characters and... sort of lost for the average joe? I mean I assume in the absence of the showers and rain they'll eventually regain their old memories? But that's the sort of thing that used to feel like it was better handled in seasons past when they weren't scurrying to tie up all the story lines.

I dunno. She felt like a bigger threat when she was just sort of whispered about behind the Hullen storyline, and not so much in practice.
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I understand other people's complaints, but it made me cry happy tears and right now that's what I need.
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