Six Feet Under: I'm Sorry, I'm Lost
September 21, 2019 7:32 PM - Season 3, Episode 13 - Subscribe

In the third season finale, a Rube Goldberg-type chain of events leads to a woman being killed by falling blue airplane-toilet ice, and an exhausted Nate fails to give the woman's grieving husband and mother the kind of attentive service they feel is warranted. Claire recuperates from her abortion, break-up, and disillusionment with art school, David and Keith agree to keep working on their relationship, Brenda meets an attractive neighbour, Rico meets an attractive hooker, and Ruth and George get married, while Nate learns that Lisa's body has been found and his self-destructive behavioural spirals out of control.

The obituary from this episode:

Anahid Hovanessian (1951-2003)

Died on July 20, 2003 in an accident at her home in Glendale.

Anahid married Krikor Hovanessian in 1981 and was blessed with the birth of two children. She was a devoted wife and mother with strong family values. Saying our last farewell today, we grieve that death took her from us prematurely. Alas, for some reason, it is the way of the world that those who still have so much to give are destined to go. Anahid was a wonderfully kind person and a good angel. In our memories, that is how she will always remain.

She is survived by her devoted husband Krikor, her children Karin and Levon and her mother Khatoun Mikialian.

She will lie in state at Holy Cross Armenian Catholic Church on July 24, 2003 from 10 a.m. until the time of the service at 2 p.m. Burial to follow at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale.
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Er, I meant to write "Rico meets an attractive stripper", not "hooker".
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Why did that jackass actor use the convenience store toilet after he was TOLD it was broken.

Of course Brenda has Justin Theroux for a neighbour and hits it off with him. God, people in TV and movies meet someone new soooo easily. I did have to laugh at Joe's being a French horn player though, because I had two professional French horn players living next to me for years (they sold their house and moved away just over a year ago), and I can tell you from personal experience that French horns indeed do not sound good on their own, or, as my neighbours preferred to put it, "They don't make sense on their own." Though sometimes my neighbours would have their musician friends over and then hey! Free concert!

The obnoxious Angelica helped herself to Rico's precious Fisher & Sons t-shirt. I'm trying to come up with a good explanation as to why Nathaniel would ever have have shirts like that made, and am failing. It's not like he had enough staff for a baseball or basketball team.

Rico, you TOOL. Even Nate isn't dumb enough to get into a relationship with a stripper. Though in some ways the turn Rico's life story is about to take is good for his self-development. He'll never be so self-righteous again.

And Ruth insisted on rushing into marriage with George despite her children's objections. They didn't even have a tasty wedding cake. She did look lovely in her wedding outfit, though. The only time Ruth ever shakes off the dowdy look is when she's getting dressed for church or some other formal event, and then she goes high-end classic.

Arthur had genuine romantic feelings for Ruth, and is a little crushed to see her wind up with someone else. But dude, if you want a woman to stay with you, you have to lay pipe.

David and Keith sitting in the church vestibule and talking about their first sight of each other was lovely.

Lisa's body has been found, and Nate hits rock bottom. That bar hookup was so incredibly depressing. That bar was so incredibly depressing. He looked so out of place there in his suit. And then he goes back to fucking Brenda. That guy spends his life careering from one mistake and impulse and non-decision to another.

I felt anxious about Baby Maya being around so much yelling, and being left alone at night. Fortunately Nate at least smartens up in that regard soon. He is a good father on the whole.

Nathaniel was present in this episode for the first time in awhile. Claire's fantasy of visiting the afterlife felt a little facile for her, but whatever. I feel like I need to know if Gabriel is actually dead or not, but as far as I can recall the show never does clarify that.
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