MLB Playoffs?
October 2, 2019 6:02 AM - Subscribe

Any interest in a thread? Technically it's already started with the NL Wild Card game last night, but we still have the AL Wild Card game, both division series, both championship series, and the World Series ahead of us.
posted by Cash4Lead (3 comments total)
I'd follow, and maybe comment. Whoever kicks off the FF thread will probably want to promote it on the blue.
posted by CheesesOfBrazil at 12:15 PM on October 4, 2019

I'm in!
posted by jenkinsEar at 4:52 AM on October 5, 2019

I just put a baseball playoffs post up, sorry for the delay!
posted by LobsterMitten at 2:52 PM on October 6, 2019

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