Raising Dion: Season 1
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Did anyone else binge this yet? I was overall really pleased with it. Decent special effects, good cast, and I think 9 episodes was the right length. I hope that if they get renewed Netflix commits to it though - this seems like the kind of show that is always going to end on a 'to be continued' kind of note unless they know ahead of time that they're doing a series finale rather than a season finale.
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Middling decent.. altho the greatest crime of it's writing is that, just like Lost, they bring up mysteries and leads in the earliest part that they clearly have no interest in following up on. Like... just who ARE the Fart Police?
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Graded in a vacuum, with no context, I'd give it a C+. However, it doesn't exist in a vacuum. It exists in a world inundated with superhero stories and chooses a unique path completely distinct from the normal tropes and pacing. It has a younger hero than we normally get and portrays him respectably well for his age. And it gives consideration to how his mom copes. And takes time to consider how being black has an effect on his story and his mom's. And finally, it's family friendly in a world where so little is family friendly.

So we are liking it a fair bit in our house.
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Finally finished the season last night and i want more!

The idea of a hero coming into his powers at such a young age is really interesting, and a single mother who has to deal with all that without having powers herself makes for such a great character to watch.
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Every time Nicole Warren says she's out of shape, past her prime, or not what she used to be,my head explodes a little.
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Oh man, Pat's heel turn was perfectly handled.
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Just finished watching this and I really liked it. The family drama stuff sometimes seemed to have trouble meshing with the superhero stuff, but it had a lot of heart and I could really see it finding its feet if it gets a second season.

I also liked that it played quite earnestly into a lot of old kid-can-do-magic storytelling tropes, while holding itself to our 2019 standards. The gentle, age-appropriate discussions about having to cope with racism and navigate boundaries, plus the final twist - the real villain was toxic masculinity all along!
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