The Great British Bake Off: Festival Week
October 11, 2019 2:39 AM - Season 10, Episode 7 - Subscribe

The bakers face particularly complicated challenges linked to festivals.

For the signature challenge, the bakers were asked to make 24 yeasted buns with the theme of a festival or holiday from around the world. For the technical challenge, bakers made Cassatelles, a fried pastry traditionally served during Italian Carnevale. For the showstopper challenge, the bakers were set with the complex task of making a kek lapis Sarawak, a layered Malaysian cake.
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Our little Hufflepuff Henry won star baker!
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Shut UP!
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You know I started watching and almost turned it off because I felt so tired of the "it must be perfect" rhetoric. I was even thinking perhaps this show has run its course. But I let it go on while I checked my email.

I no longer like the judges, although Paul had a light moment in his exchange with Henry -- sometimes he does connect with a particular baker (Liam, Val, Selasi) and it's almost sweet to watch. When he takes against someone, it's horrid.

I don't like the hosts/comics. They are not as funny as they think.

But I DO like the bakers, how sincere they are, how hard they try, how they persevere, how they try to be brave even in defeat. How they laugh among themselves.

I will say that I know barely a thing about them, personally, this time. Geography teacher, vet, student...

It used to be a better show.
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Noel is getting increasingly gross and cringey with Alice. Like, fucking kissing her? His sole purpose on the show now appears to be to actively get underfoot with the bakers and harass them, but I was actually physically repulsed by his interactions with her.
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Why is Noel wearing one of David Rose’s leather sweaters?

Agree about him just getting underfoot. Alice had to push him out of the way and ask him to move.

Henry’s “shut up” was beyond cute though. I’m sort of gutted that Michael was sent packing.
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British grilling = American broiling, in case anyone's confused!
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Where is Sandi? Bring me more Sandi!

Those cakes were ridiculous. Really impressed by he bakers there.
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I've previously knocked the way the producers have been unable to let the baker's personalities emerge. The first half of the season was fairly uneventful and my theory was all of the other changes (editing, attempts at humor, etc.) were forms of over compensation.

However, I do think this episode improved things, Alice has become one of my surprise favorites, at first she struck me as a formulaic perfectionist type, but turns out she's an unorganized, working teacher who doesn't get to practice as much during the week as she'd like. I'd love to see her go further.

I was not a Noel-hater last season actually, but I agree his shtick is wearing very thin, and yes more Sandi pls!
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Noel was mean during the judge talks before the showstopper, just like last week. Stay out of the judging my dude! C'mon.

Also that showstopper looked impossible and I can't believe they all pulled it off.

Steph seems like Paul's clear favorite, which I'm okay with because I like her, but her handshake on those buns seemed... transparent and sortof odd.
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Yeah, I was definitely rooting for Alice, anyone who is keeping up full-time adult responsibilities while doing this is really impressive.

The remaining bakers are all really good, consistency is the only thing I think putting Steph, David and Henry above Alice and Rosie.

I too prefer the longstanding tradition that the hosts refrain from any judging. I still like Noel, but they do seem to be struggling with his role on the show, whereas last year I felt like he fit in fine.
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Can someone explain the repeating joke of "Sandi's here, she's just been thrown into this sack and isn't speaking?" The first time it came up, I thought, oh, they're making another joke about how short Sandi is, whatever, but then they've done it at least three more times, and twice in this episode. Is there some information I'm missing that would make it funny? Or less bizarre? I would settle for less bizarre.

Also: this episode marked the point for me where I realized that I would be sad about the elimination regardless of who it was (and I was). Which is where it happens every series: it's always either the one where sight bakers gets whittled to seven, or where seven becomes six.
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Can someone explain the joke Paul made about Essex, in reference to Alice? I think he said something about a spade?
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He said ‘do you want a spade?’ to Noel which I think is a ‘when you’re in a hole stop digging’ joke. Because Noel made an Essex girl comment.
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The friendship among Michael, Henry, and David has been lovely to watch growing. And Michael has seemed more even-keeled the last two episodes, which makes me happy as someone who has cried over cake.

What spice mix did David use in his showstopper? I do wish more recipes were on the site!
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Steph is constantly licking her fingers during her bakes. But they never show her washing her hands!

I think Sandi must have been gone for a portion of the taping this week, but ducking in for judging—that explains all of the “where’s Sandi” jokes along with the overload of Noel.
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Yay for Henry's win! Sad that Michael went home, but he had a very bad week. The absolute ease with which Michael, David and Henry expressed affection for one another (during a lot of the resting times, Henry would lean against David with his head on his shoulder, which is so sweet) is truly wonderful to see.
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Apologies for the FB link: A Tale of Two Narsties on Celebrity GBBO. I haven't been fond of how Prue, Paul, Sandi and Noel are shown this season (probably because of how the show's been edited), but this made me really like them again.
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ohhhh I've made a similar cake and you cannot walk away or LOOK away from the broiler during the process. Each layer takes less than 2 minutes to cook!
(and ours contained 15 eggs and a pound of butter, so I'm not surprised that Henry went thru over 100 eggs in a day of practicing)
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I'm sad to see Michael go, he was really growing on me. :-(
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Watching this in March 2020, GBBO has become a horror show of handshakes, hugs, and other virus-spreading human behavior.
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