Letterkenny: Season 7
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The hicks, skids, and hockey players are back with six new episodes on Hulu.

General consensus seems to be that this season felt half-off. Could be the lack of Wayne-fights, could be the change in setting from produce stand to TV studio, could be some new character team-ups... what do youse think?
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First of all, six episodes is not enough televisual Letterkenny for me.

Second, it did seem off.
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The first few episodes were weighed down by the tv show, but it definitely picked up later with a strong finish.
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Yeah, it ended strong, but I'll throw in my vote that the TV show bit felt a bit too clunky.  I think it'd be great as a one episode per season type of thing where they could concentrate on really getting the writing tight—and not wearing out the joke—but as a mulit-episode arc it just kinda fell flat.   Hats off for the attempt though.
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I love this show and 6 episodes is definitely in the thin side.

Liked the TV show; started slow (as it would irl) but really came together.

In seasons past, the banter seemed a lot more organic. This season, it sometimes felt like they were just reading a script - especially the more clever exchanges. The preternatural wordplay wit was a little too preternatural.
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Leg Day Bae has me busting up. I’m glad to see more Dax and Ron this season. (And almost no Shorsey so far)

I still have two episodes to go. We got to roll into this after our first regular watch through, and it was a nice way to spend the lazy day after thanksgiving.

I think the cable access show was specifically clunky to feel real, but it’s a shame to waste so much screen time on that in such a short season.

I am a little dismayed that Stewart’s relapse/hair regrowth happens with so little comment, but I suppose there’s very very little continuity in the show anyway.
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Letterkenny is on tour right now, btw.
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> Letterkenny is on tour right now, btw.

To be faaaair... $109 for one ticket at the back of the balcony? HARD PASS.

....Aaaaaand I just refreshed the page and they sold out the place.

By the way folks, Season 8 is being released Dec 25 & Dec 27. Here is a trailer with hardly any spoilers. Though, yes, Shoresy will be back... but it also looks like MRS. McMURRAY IS COMING BACK TOO! It's a very vague trailer, which I like.

So i think the thing is, LK's starting to break out. Sorta like how Trailer Park Boys took so many years to gain traction with a US audience. That's good news (more money in the budget), but also it runs the risk of creators leaving for projects offering more money. Not that I think Keeso would abandon the show—there would be no Letterkenny without Wayne. But there could be a Letterkenny without Glen—and you know it would be a palpable loss.

But yeah, I can't wait a year to see what Wayne's next move is. I hope they return to the cold openings where Wayne says, "So you're __[doing whatever]__ with your friends the other daaaaay?"
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Letterkenny has been a pleasant distraction without having to think about it too much amid everything going on. Partner and I binged through the first 6 seasons (Hulu) in a few weeks.

Through 3 episodes of season 7, and this season seems by far the weakest; the porn episode jokes just seemed cruder than normal and also out of character for the characters (except for the McMurrays and perhaps Gale) to talk about their porn habits...

I wish they would have explored the brief transformation and sobering up of Stewart a little more in season 6.
(And it didn't hit me after a while how often they drink in the show)

Overall, we'll continue to watch them as it's a nice distraction from earth.
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I've also been enjoying it as a nice distraction. People in the show are intolerant of intolerance, and that's what I appreciates about them.

Wikipedia says that there were fewer episodes written by Keeso this season.

In Australia we haven't got season 8 on free to air yet, and I don't think it's on any of the streaming services. So my binge ends here, for now.
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