Watchmen - the book?
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With the new Watchmen HBO series airing, would this be a good time for a post about the original book?

I am reading it now - but as a first time reader of it (in fact this is my first graphic novel ever) I don't think I'd make the best post about it. But I thought I'd suggest it for any fans out there who could bring in good context links.
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I recommend reading the comic if you are interested in the show. This is my favorite show right now, but I suspect I wouldn't be following along at all if I hadn't read the comic. I'll also add that it's a great, fun, fast read.
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I don't think I'd make the best post about it.

As a big Alan Moore fan, longtime comix guy, I'm more interested in your post than mine. Excelsior, dear reader!

I think the comic reads better during a Nixonian / Republican presidency, kinda like the Dead Kennedys songs make more sense during these eras of cruelty
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Yes please

We just reread the comic and are currently rewatching the movie, and man, some of the shots are impeccably duplicated from the comic, but on a scene level there’s constant feel that Snyder had no idea what the character motivations actually were. Like, it’s clear that the makers of the movie knew what happened in the comic, but seemingly didn’t understand why.

Anyway yes I am very okay with a fanfare thread for the comic
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