Rick and Morty: Edge of Tomorty: Rick Die Rickpeat
November 11, 2019 4:26 AM - Season 4, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Rick brings Morty to a planet containing crystals that show whoever is touching them all the ways they may die depending on their choices.
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I figured when Morty was in the desert, the result was going to be that the crystals were showing him a false future to use him to propagate. The Akira tribute was somehow weirder.
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"When did this [fascist] shit become the default?"

Summer's ending lines were call-back of sorts to the original NSFW "Doc and Mharti" short.
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Did anyone else continually rewind to try to see all the different deaths?
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Marticus, I was going to, but decided instead to wait for some helpful YouTuber to catalog them for us.

I enjoyed how this episode made fun of itself for being so meta, so like, meta squared. Or as some might uncharitably say, it was up its own asshole. But not me because I enjoyed it.

This episode had a funny tension with the overarching conceit if the show, which is that there are infinite universes, so there’s one among them out there with the outcome you desire. Morty is led to adjust his actions (and hilariously, speech) to find that perfect outcome, when he could conceivably just use the portal gun to go to a universe where Jessica fell in love with Morty but that Morty died. But as is always the case with this show, the science fiction conceit was a great illustration of a real world emotional conflict.

The scene of the wasp family eating the math teacher and his babies was top level disturbing and I loved it. The hologram’s C-story of hologram identity was a lot of fun. The return of Mr. Meseeks as blatant fan service was hilarious. And I hope the commentary on fascism stings that cohort of fascist Rick and Morty fans that obviously exists.
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I'm actually saving that for later, Marticus.

Nothing super-spectacular after the long wait, but still pretty good. The lesson is fairly obvious (by some really eerie coincidence, I decided to watch some TNG after this... and the next episode cued up on Netflix was "Tapestry", which is about Picard trying to ensure a safer, more satisfactory future, with not-great results), but the execution of Morty basically becoming a slave to the crystal (i.e. playing it as safe as he possibly can) is pretty tight, and I even appreciated that, when Morty was confronted by the security forces, knowing what the right thing to do in each circumstance led him to become the sort of super-science badass that Rick was in last season's ender vs. the president. (Speaking of whom, he makes a brief cameo in Earth-Fascist, in the picture.) Oh, and speaking of Star Trek, I wonder if the Holo-Rick bits were derived from the EMH's holo-rights activism in Voyager.
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I thought it was pretty cute the way they had Jerry over-pronounce Akira.
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Oh, also, the Kirkland Meeseeks was also hilarious, and I say that as someone who will buy just about anything Kirkland.
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Cool exploration of the overlap between nostalgia for "simpler times" and fascism/conservatism as it relates to the much-reviled R&M fanbase, but the subsequent scene in which the not-explcitly-fascist but literally-WASPish family engages in polite conversation while devouring a black man alive seems to be an even sharper criticism of the banal cruelty of the white neoliberal consensus.
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Given the pretty explicit meta-commentary on the toxic elements of the fanbase and the show's reception in the episode, I was a little disappointed with the Summer-bashing at the end. I think it was meant in the same vein, to call out the misogyny of the fandom - as filthy light thief pointed out above, it's a callback to the original short, and Summer's not saying worse than Rick says all the time. But I think it was too subtle, especially compared to the other more obvious messaging. In the reactions I'm seeing "Summer ruined the premiere!" being taken at face-value, which is just, ugh.
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The Summer thing at the end did feel a bit too much like Meg's treatment in Family Guy, especially since she's actually been by most accounts, a better party member to Rick than Morty often is. I did take it how I assume it was intended, or not, that it was making fun of doing what they did. There's always the problem of trying to satirize that which you've done and are doing.

My favourite joke or moment was definitely Jerry's pronunciation of Anime and Akira. As someone who grew up with most of the adults and teachers in my life, if they recognized the style at all, they called it "japanimation" or "ah-nee-may" as Jerry did. Honestly, I still don't know the right way to go about it but I typically stick to the pronunciation that sounds most natural in my only tongue and speech.

I really am curious what the rules or established social protocol is there, I suspect there isn't one despite how often it comes up in our society. Do I order menu items with a sudden accent, as if I were trying to speak the language or knew how to pronounce in it? Should I always say "croissant" in a way that conflicts with how it's written in my language, do I stick to croy-sont?
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man... i never knew i was holophobic. :-/

i'll have to rewatch star wars, star trek, star etc. with a whole new appreciation.

wait i think this means Voyager was kinda holophobic in some ways
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apparently it's typically polite to at least attempt to pronounce the name of the dish/food in the language in which it is named -- with an attempt at the accent. This may vary tho depending on if you are American or not.
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Voyager was considered pretty progressive for the '90s, but it has not aged well. Did they want a pat on the back for telling us a holographic person could also be a doctor? That was so condescending. I would imagine the Doctor's struggles to be recognized were realistic, but I can't speak to that experience as a person of matter. I just try to be an ally.

But then even in the supposedly "enlightened" future, holographic persons are still used a essentially toys. Yikes! Don't even get me started on all the violent holographic persons we were shown. And hey, whenever the Doctor went out on his own he caused huge problems. Are we being told that holographic persons are only safe when under the service of people of matter? I can't even. Literally. I cannot even.
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TBF, anytime anyone from a Federation ship went anywhere off ship, they caused huge problems.
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I see talk of holographic persons and the first thing I think of is Red Dwarf ... which, if holographic person rights ever became a thing, that'd be ground zero
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as someone who came from a horrible family background, the gaslighting comment really hit that combination of funny/crossing the line in a way that left me in (mostly good) tears
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But I think it was too subtle, especially compared to the other more obvious messaging. In the reactions I'm seeing "Summer ruined the premiere!" being taken at face-value, which is just, ugh.

Look, part of the Rick and Morty fandom wouldn't even get it if Rick spend a whole episode just standing around with a banner saying: "TOXIC MASCULINITY SUCKS!"
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This was the funniest Black Mirror episode.

Died at gaslighting joke. Died.
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Look, part of the Rick and Morty fandom wouldn't even get it if Rick spend a whole episode just standing around with a banner saying: "TOXIC MASCULINITY SUCKS!"

"Ha, look at them parodying how the SJWs just stand around and virtue-signal without getting anything done!"
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my sides
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The thought just occurred to me...Rick has a program that activates a clone in another universe if he dies...but there must be Ricks constantly dying in other universes...and wouldn't they have the same program? Or is he the only one that does?
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