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It's the latest season of the zombie epic. Somehow things keep getting worse.

I thought it was interesting that this season is six or so episodes in and nary an episode post had been created. I'd honestly forgotten it was back on. But I thought some folks might want to talk about it, so here's a full season post.
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I dropped out of the show after Glenn's death when it went all-in on just being straight-up torture porn, but came back after I heard good things about season 9, which I really enjoyed. Now, the show seems to slowly be reverting to old (bad) habits... sigh.

They have never given any real answer as to why Alpha wants to destroy the communities. I guess she's just supposed to be insane? Okay.

I liked the show when it was about how they were rebuilding. Now we're back to the same rinse/repeat antagonist bullshit. And the storytelling has been very... scattershot.
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I found the slightly ludicrous battle training scene at the start of the first episode to be quite telling for the tone of the whole series so far. As in, pretty daft campy melodrama with occasional lurches into very dark violence. But the dialogue is grating on me more and more with each passing season. And it feels like a lot of the more interesting world-building and set pieces of past seasons are being slowly dropped in favour of endless, circular run-about-in-some-woodland storylines that oscillate between the three survivor settlements.

Also I kind of enjoy Samantha Morton's performance just because she's clearly enjoying chewing the scenery quite so much, but I find the Whisperers really unconvincing. I never got to the Whisperer storylines in the comics, but from what I can tell the TV versions are totally without coherent logic as a faction.

Also Negan coming back as a wise-cracking psycho and shrugging on his leather jacket was a bit of a facepalm. Though I never really bought his rehabilitation in the last season.
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I honestly think that the filter change on the camera has a lot to do with this and last season feeling wrong. With the brighter palette and warmer light the feel of the series changes when it is not truly justified. Conditions for our protagonists are better but their choices (and the producers failing to pay Lauren Cohan a commensurate rate with the male leads) has really failed to consolidate their gains. The Whisperers make sense as a cult (in the modern sense) lead by someone who is a charismatic member of the Tribe of the Dark Triad. Alpha is a psychopath who takes normal people and pressures them into becoming sociopaths. If they fail they die and dissent is kept to a minim. Think Negan and the Saviors but without the pesky power trip over different communities. My bet is that Negan's redemption is meant to be demonstrated when he kills and/or fatally betrays Alpha and The Whisperers*.

The writing for The Walking Dead has always been uneven but I am wondering if the writers have given much thought as to how the characters would have learned to respond to the pressures not of immediate threat but of long term prosperity. Michonne's pull back from contact with established allies was dumb and that others let her do this was stupid. Being suspicious of new people would have made sense after Season 9, Episode 14, Scars. Cutting out The Kingdom and Hilltop was nonsensical and just part of the uneven ride that is The Walking Dead. Otherwise for being ten seasons in we are doing alright.

*I see Samantha Morton fronting Alpha and The Whisperers as a Leonard Cohen cover band. The obvious first album is Silence the Whisperers. Season 10 is just a complex viral campaign for this band.
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I fell very far behind in my Walking Dead universe viewing, but have finally caught up through the mid-season finale here. Meh. There are way too many characters I’m supposed to care about on TWD. Alpha needs to put a lot more heads on spikes.

(I much preferred the rest of the season of FTWD )
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