Critical Role: UnDeadwood Part IV: Goodnight, Miss Miriam [miniseries]
November 18, 2019 9:39 PM - Season 2 (Specials) - Subscribe

Our heroes close in on the Necromancer after another personal loss, and come to realize justice takes many forms.
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As Matt mentions in the post-credits dialog, going right from a great victory to a sudden heart-wrenching loss and then rolling credits is probably the most Deadwood thing ever.
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The change in mood when they realized Fogg was going to be a sociopath for a week - thinking it wasn't a big deal - to realizing that there was no way to talk Fogg out of killing Clayton . . that was perfect.
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Oh yes! And watching Matt decide that Clayton would not kill Fogg, even in self-defense, even when he could (iirc, Fogg had a Wound going into the contest, as well as only one weapon and possibly lower skills) - that gave me chills.
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If the stats are similar to the original edition, called shots to the hand are much more difficult than a normal shot (three times more, maybe?). He really was doing everything not to kill him.
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