Six Feet Under: The Rainbow of Her Reasons
November 23, 2019 7:09 PM - Season 5, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Fiona Kleinschmidt, the woman who deflowered Nate, falls to her death while hiking with Sarah. Ruth continues the process of gradually separating her life from George's until George realizes what her intentions are and makes short work of it. Nate and Brenda try to be there for Billy, who still hasn't accepted the end of his relationship with Claire. David and Keith struggle with their new role as foster parents of Durrell and Anthony. Claire takes a job as an office temp, and learns that the work may not be temporary after all. Vanessa hires a nanny from Saskatchewan whose tenure does prove temporary, and then invites Rico to move back in.

The obituary from this episode:

Fiona Lenore Kleinschmidt (1948 - 2005)

Fiona Lenore Kleinschmidt - We, the friends and lovers of Fiona, refuse to mourn the loss of our great colleague and confidant. Fiona hated that maudlin bullshit and we intend to honor her. To those of you lucky enough to own a piece of Fiona's ceramic artistry, feel free to sell it. She always said it would make her happy to know people were profiting from her death. Fiona's Artists' Way(ward!) Group also wanted to wish her a happy journey to the Great Unknown. We love you, Fi. We'll howl for your Spirit at the next Full Moon celebration.

When the Spirit swells my breast I love to roam leisurely among the green hills... With half-closed eyes I watch the huge cloud shadows in their noiseless play upon the high bluffs opposite me, while into my ear ripple the sweet, soft cadences of the river's song. -- Zitkala-Sa.

Join us in celebrating Fiona's essence at Fisher & Diaz Funeral Home this Thurs. at 2PM.
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Poor Sarah. Fiona's death was just a terrible accident, but under the circumstances it will be very hard for Sarah not to blame herself.

I don't know how Ruth could have thought George wouldn't figure out what she was up to. He's an intelligent man.

Rachel Griffiths actually was pregnant during the latter part of this season, and you can kind of tell.

Durrell certainly is a handful. Keith is going to have a hard time not falling back into his father's ways/cop mode in his parenting style. David does have the right approach though: be patient, don't overreact, give it time.

The office culture at Claire's job, while realistic for an office, is so foreign to anything she's ever experienced. I'm looking forward to the rest of her time there, because it is a fun direction for Claire's story. Ms. My Work Must Have Meaning/Disaffection has to take a boring, mundane job and deal with good little worker bee colleagues and it looks good on her.

"Where is Saskatchewan?"
"I think it's near Calgary."

It seems that the Six Feet Under writers think that bringing home a homeless man and making him a pancake lunch is what people in Canada do.

And Vanessa takes Rico back... but it's less because she wants him back than because she's tired of coping on her own.

I don't know why Vanessa can't manage to bring in the water bottles. I can lift those things -- and she's a nurse, who would have been trained to lift patients.
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That's two deaths of people whom Nate knows so far this season: one of his best friends from high school, and the first woman he ever had sex with, and considered his first love. It's like death is getting closer to him.
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I really enjoy the storyline with David and Keith and Durrell and Anthony. For some reason, I can't get a few of these episodes to play on demand and so can't remember exactly where it comes, but the moment when David says grace and Anthony nods as if to say, "OK, then" reduced me to tears.
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Poor Billy. His scenes in this episode and the last are sad.
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