Greta (2018)
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A young woman returns an elderly widow's lost purse, leading to an unlikely relationship between the two... until the young woman discovers her elder might not be all that she seems.
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This seems like one of those movies that is completely given away in the trailer... Except it isn't. The trailer maybe spills up to the fifteen minutes mark.
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This is an engaging little thriller. It doesn't go where you'd think it's going to go and Isabelle Huppert turns the scenery into goulash and chews it mightily. It's a modest little way to pass the time.

But holy shit, we laughed and laughed that the big sinister reveal is that Greta is Hungarian. Her Hungarian is so bad, Comrade Doll (whose first language is Hungarian) could barely understand her.

Though I did laugh when the fellow waitress overheard Hungarian and said "Jesus Christ, is she speaking Klingon?" I maybe laughed too hard for CD and might be in trouble, actually.
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But holy shit, we laughed and laughed that the big sinister reveal is that Greta is Hungarian.
Wait what? I didn't see it (I'm not worried about spoilers, spoil away) Is this as baldly racist as it sounds?
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I'm overselling it, because: jokes.

However, the movie does try to get mileage out of the revelation that Greta has been lying by pretending to be French and is in fact, Hungarian.

I have been told by an actual Hungarian that the bit where a waitress comments that the language she is speaking sounds like Klingon is, however, offensive... and not, in fact, deeply, deeply hilarious.
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The only feasible explanation for Greta getting around town like that is teleportation, I wish they had explored that more.

I thought movie was ridiculously bad but it's enjoyable trying to figure out if the filmmakers were sincerely trying to make a thriller or satirise one. I still am not entirely sure.
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