The Morning Show: Open Waters
November 29, 2019 6:26 AM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Alex shares news to Lizzy. Bradley meets with Mitch. Chip plots against Fred.
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I feel like the creators have a meltdown quota and perhaps that's why we got not one but two this episode.

I'm still not sure this is a good TV show but I sure as hell enjoy every minute of it, every week. Good entertainment. What more can one ask for.
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I sure as hell enjoy every minute of it

Same, even though this episode didn't have as much comic relief as some of the others. In fact, I'm having trouble thinking of any. Watching the pizza scene between Alex and Lizzy spin out of control was tough.
posted by kingless at 9:21 AM on December 3, 2019

I loved that scene between Alex and her daughter! Bravo to Aniston to pull it off. It was tough, honest, raw, and messy. Great to watch and think about.

On the other hand I’m more on the fence about Mia’s meltdown. I get it and I felt for her. For some reason it just fell a bit flatter for me. The speech felt just a bit too composed for something spur of the moment fuelled by rage.

The HR meeting was frustrating to watch. I’m not sure why Yanko thought it went so well and conversely I’m not sure why Claire flew off the handle so spectacularly. It just made her seem immature to me but I’m not sure that was the intent.

The Daniel Henderson story, being woo’d by the rival show, seems like one too many. I think it’s an interesting topic but the show already has a LOT of side plots and I’m not sure this adds much except more noise. And I’d like the topic itself (how minorities are represented in mainstream media) to be more than just a side dumpster fire for the main show.
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The two meltdowns are nicely contrasted, I feel. One is a very public person in a very private situation (even the roommate has left the room); The other is a private person in a rather public situation (not to 'America', but in an open office). Both has learnt, probably for most of their lives, to be constrained and 'scripted' (for different reasons, of course), and chose to break that mold.
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