Arrow: Purgatory
December 3, 2019 9:11 PM - Season 8, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Oliver's mission takes him to Lian You where he tries to ignore the repercussions of the looming Crisis until he receives help from an old friend. Meanwhile, a united Team Arrow faces a recognizable villain.
posted by oh yeah! (2 comments total)
I didn't enjoy this episode as much as I have the past few. This felt more like a table-setting episode, putting certain pieces (Lyla) in place.

I know the comic book reason why Roy had to lose his arm, but it certainly seemed there were other options to save it. I mean Laurel was right there. Surely she has enough control of her powers to use them to blast the plane parts that had pinned him.
posted by sardonyx at 3:45 PM on December 4, 2019

Yeah I thought they also definitely didn't think of everything to save Roy's arm. And also, was the budget all going to Crisis stuff? There was no canary cry this whole episode.

I can't remember, but was Roy in the 2040 plot missing an arm??
posted by numaner at 12:06 PM on December 11, 2019

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