Little Weirds, by Jenny Slate
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"Slate’s voice never loses its capacity for strangeness, for finding it in the littlest, weirdest corners of its own psyche. It’s this mix of sweet and sadness, real stakes and dreamy prose, that gives this book its soft, sharp, and altogether overwhelming power. Like René Magritte crossed with Lana Del Rey, with strong notes of Patricia Lockwood. Like a carnival ride caught in a tornado, candy-colored shards of metal sparkling in the sky." - Teen Vogue
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I remember reading an excerpt or perhaps just an interview with her a short while back and I mentally added this to my list, waiting to see if it's xmas gifted before purchasing. She had a writing style I really enjoyed, mostly commenting to reinforce the memory of wanting this book.
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I have no patience for other people's dreams and I like my prose straightforward, so I'm surprised by how much I liked this book. My copy's already gone back to the library, so unfortunately I can't share my favorite bits. Um.... I really liked the one where the man was being annoying and so she spun her head around 180 degrees and he continued to be annoying and her head fell off and he just wouldn't stop.
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I’m reading this right now, and it’s wholly delightful. Even though I’ve never had a dream in which I share a seatbelt with a big dog and the dog gives good advice, I somehow know what that could feel like, now.
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