Steven Universe: Little Homeschool
December 9, 2019 2:27 PM - Season 6, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Steven uncorrupts a gem, Cherry Quartz, and introduces her to the School of Little Homeworld, where gems come to learn to be Earthlings and discover how to make their own decisions! But there is one uncorrupted gem who refuses to attend classes.... [Note: Steven Universe Future, the follow-up show to Steven Universe that picks up after The Movie and a two year time skip, appears to have been posted on IMDB as season 6 of Steven Universe, so I guess that's how we're classifying it here.]
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I'm guessing we've finally witnessed a use for the product of the Diamonds' "extractions" back in Familiar.

Anyway, wow! Steven has unexamined rage issues! And Jasper was sort of helpful in Steven working through them? That was fascinating.

Terrible at yoga but 100% would sign up for Garnet's meditation classes.
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i fully enjoyed Steven taking on Jasper without anyone's help. but the pinkrage was very interesting.
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Remember: even Mr. Rogers had to pound clay, swim laps or strike the low keys on a piano to work through his anger.
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- I'm curious how Jasper ended up in that position. You'd think someone of her caliber, even touched by corruption and "off-color," could still find something better to do with her time than be a hermit in the woods and juggle rocks. Does Homeworld want nothing to do with these uncorrupted refugees? Or any of the other "freed" colonies across the galaxy? Or just setting out alone into the universe looking for something worthy to fight? She claims to have ambitions and interests, but really it seems like she's incredibly depressed. She reminds me of Vegeta from Dragonball Z, except Vegeta knew deep down that he was a loser, and Jasper seems to have no such introspective tendencies.

- The Steven/Jasper fight makes me wish there had been a Rose/Jasper fight. I have to imagine no matter how good a Quartz you are you won't be able to stand up to a Diamond, even the weakest of the Diamonds. Blue and Yellow took on the combined efforts of the entire Crystal Gems and the best the CGs could do is keep from being immediately poofed. If Steven's pink powerup (Super Salmon? Fuchia Sayan?) was an ability of Rose's I wonder if she ever used it.

- Not loving the name "Little Homeschool" as a replacement for "Little Homeworld" assuming that's the case. "Little Homeworld" = Enclave for gems who aren't ready to fully integrate with human society. "Little Homeschool" = What I do with my kids every morning.

- "I'm teaching people how to think for themselves! By convening a class and immediately ditching them to figure it out for themselves." is incredibly on-brand for Amethyst.
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I think Little Homeschool is just a part of Little Homeworld. After all "Little Homeworld" is the name of the episode.

Ultimately, I wonder if Jasper just wants to fite things, and now that the Diamonds aren't expansionist, she don't got no more fite to do. See how she lit up when Steven said he'd fight her?
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Oh also, "Any Earthlings that come in here get crushed! Like those pathetic flimsy green Earthlings."
Steven: " mean grass?"
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I figure Jasper Doesn't Need Anyone's Help! and as a consequence is stuck on Earth because she has no ship and can't fly home like a Lapis. So, sulking. I mean that's what she's doing, in her rock cave bare of anything except a couple of curtains and her eyeliner.

Little Homeschool is a subset of Little Homeworld.

I found this satisfying as a setup for the series, more than as an episode of its own.
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I think Little Homeschool is just a part of Little Homeworld. After all "Little Homeworld" is the name of the episode.

Are you sure ? I have only seen the episode listed as "Little Homeschool".
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Oh Jasper. So opposed to everything living that she's gone around the perimeter of her self-appointed region pulling out all the grass. They should put up a sign: "WARNING: Particularly obstinate gem ahead. She doesn't need your help."

Hm, I think you're right Pendragon. I guess my eye elided over the difference. That means the page should probably be retitled to "Little Homeschool". Any mods around?
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Mod note: Changed!
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