Steven Universe: Rose Buds
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The Space Station comes by for a visit, and among them are three new, old acquaintances, that make everything super weird.
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WOW this episode.

I'm glad the Rose Quartzes actually looked like Rose, including the one that looks like she was the one Pink used as a template for her first foray into the Kindergarden. I wonder which came first, Pink's "Rose Quartz" or actual Rose Quartzes? The roses talk about how Pink made them, which seems to imply that Pink had some personal hand in their design, so it's possible that she made them after her initial "mingle with the commoners" foray. I wonder if they all have defensive/restorative powers the way "our" Rose did.

The fact all the CGs were weirded out by the Roses was funny. I guess it's different than seeing a bunch of other Rubies or Pearls.

Steven's inability to express himself because he's afraid of hurting their feelings, and subsequently hurting their feelings because he didn't express himself, was very real, and very sad. I'm glad he got to make amends before they ran off. I wonder if we'll see them again or if this is the end of the Zooman/Famethyst/Rose Quartz arc?

The Zoomans are just... in charge now? And they all hate Greg because he wouldn't fuck them? Uh, okay. Poor Holly Blue. She should have given up a lot sooner.
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i guess they never got explained that the "choosening" was weird to Earth humans and kind of messed up, and somehow Greg is still to blame?

There was so much uncomfortableness in this episode, but it was interesting that the Rose Quartzes didn't show their initial discomfort except for the one with Rose's curly hair. But if you look at it like if a bunch of half siblings you've never met suddenly showed up and try to be friendly, and then the other one went extra and invite them to dinner and then a sleepover, the awkwardness is really relatable.

Shame that this was the most we got out of Garnet in this epilogue...
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numaner: there's at least 6 muted episodes! 2 releasing each week.
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I loved this episode so much. At this point I was really expecting the bubbled RQ's never to be referenced again, save as at most a throwaway, dismissive line. I was honestly expecting them to have been kept Pink's non-existent Gem fig leaf, as in "Oh yeah, Rose Quartzes are kinda rare like Carnelians, you only ever really see that odd one hanging round."

I really loved how similar-but-different quartzy they were, exactly like an RQ version of the Famethyst. The comedy "nope" reactions of the regular cast were great too.

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I mean, pure fanservice!
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*MORE episodes, rather.

My question is, which came first - the RQs, or Pink Diamond's persona? I'm thinking Pink Diamond's guise came first and then she made all of those RQs as cover, only to bubble then soon afterwards.
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Yeah, Pinkie had to have made her RQs after the whirlwind tour she and Pearl took around Earth. Pearl informs Pink that "the first quartz soldiers are soon to emerge" or words to that effect in Now We're Only Falling Apart. Part of Pink's joy in visiting is she saw her first soldiers in person. So that would suggest to me she made the RQs after she starting her cosplay of one, probably as a fig leaf, so we can add that to the list of Pinkie's shitty selfish actions. Creating a whole line of Gems whose only real purpose is to give her cover.

Mr. Encyclopedia: Given how Eyeball and others respond to Steven's healing and the way it's discussed in the series I think it's just Pink, not the rest of the RQs who can heal. Seems to be a Diamond power thing. It's always presented as this legendary power, near mythic. I don't think the RQs would have that too.

I frikkin love this. Greg's hard NOPE at the dinner invite, Pearl's little hand wave at him as he came in - like, so subtle. She knows exactly how hard it is to see them all here, and she manages to convey "this is hard, but we're doing our best, I'm feeling it too" in a single gesture. Really great animation. And I love that Amethyst just dodges the whole thing by hanging out with the Fam.

I'm really glad they gave the unbubbled RQs their own episode. I'm also blown away by how good Kimberly Brooks' voice acting is - she does all the quartzes save the Famethyst - and I full on didn't recognise her as the RQs. She managed to convey the essential quartziness fo them, too, that boisterousness and high energy and physicality, while allowing them to keep a sense of specialness.

This is great all round.
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I think the RQs were planned before Pink ever got the idea to disguise herself as one of them, because remember -- it was Pearl's idea. There were RQ soldiers emerging the first time Pink went down to Earth in disguise, but I don't think we know if they were the very first ones out of the ground.

Pink's RQ disguise was a spur-of-the-moment lark, to start with. It wasn't until later, after she'd realized Earth needed protecting, that she used it to start a rebellion.

(also Amethyst and Greg's reactions were my favorite, but I also loved Garnet's 'this is SO WEIRD' and Pearl's 'this is SO WEIRD but also oh no they're hot??? a little???')
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There were RQ soldiers emerging the first time Pink went down to Earth in disguise, but I don't think we know if they were the very first ones out of the ground.

Those are not RQs. They are amethysts - the Famethyst, to be precise. The gem they're waiting on is our Ame.

Pearl also explicitly states they're the first gems emerging. Our bubbled Rose Quartzes came after.
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oh, I was totally remembering the episode wrong, then. I thought somewhere we’d seen a flashback of her joining existing RQs, but maybe not.
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It is worth noting that, speaking in mineralogical terms, amethysts are types of quartz. That may explain why Amethyst's voice actor voices the Rose Quartzes.
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