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The Librarians series premieres on Sunday 12/7, and TNT will be re-running the 3 tv-movies that afternoon, should I plan to make a "Film" post for each? Or is there a way to number them as prequel episodes so they stay in the same Fanfare Archive page as the series?

I don't expect the tv-movies to garner many comments - they're not streaming on Netflix, and my memory of them is that they were fun but mostly forgettable, but I have a good feeling about the new series and think there may be people who start with the series (Leverage fandom?) and go back later to watch the specials. So, should I just post the specials as 'Film' category and put 'previously' links in the series pilot thread? Or is there a mod-ly way to number the specials as episodes 0.1, 0.2, & 0.3?
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I would post the Librarian movies as separate movies, but tag them with the same base tag as will be used for the tv show. I have had someone contact specifically to add a tag to one show I missed once because it was their means of hitting every episode. You can also add links back to those movie posts in the post for the first Librarians' episode post, thus anyone starting out will see immediately the background films.

I do concur, they were fun, but forgettable. And yeah, while I was somewhat interested in watching them, when I saw that Christian Kane was cast, it went to definitely watch it.
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The Leverage connection isn't just Kane though, John Rogers is writing/producing Librarians, which means he's likely to hire more Leverage alums for crew & cast. (And commentary for every episode again, most likely)
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This is like a documentary/expose, right?
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There's no 24-hour posting limit for Fanfare anymore, right? I don't remember ever seeing it announced officially.
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I don't think so...but I haven't had a reason to test it as late.

This is like a documentary/expose, right?

These are the true adventures of Jessamyn! (Most likely, based on no actual knowledge.)
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Confirmed via the contact form, the posting limit is gone - and the mods can roll the specials together with the bingewatch feature if we want.
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These are the true adventures of Jessamyn!

Way cool! Us civilians/readers have always wondered what really goes on back in the dark recesses of "the stacks".
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Yup, the caps and limits are all lifted from FF, because everyone is being awesome and not making a mess of the subsite. The frequency limitation was lifted sometime in October, and the queue was lifted more recently (I haven't updated the wiki page yet).
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Ok, I posted the 3 movies now -- I was hoping to stay home & watch the rebroadcasts, but I've got a concert to go to tonight so I'll likely only get partway through the marathon before I have to head out. Won't be home until after 11 most likely, but, if anyone wants to post the first two episodes of the series themselves right after the premiere, feel free. Here are the titles/summaries per my Tivo:

And the Crown of King Arthur - When someone begins killing off potential librarians, Flynn Carsen and Col. Eve Baird must save the three that are left.

And the Sword in the Stone - Flynn, Col. Baird, and the potential librarians must stop the Serpent Brotherhood from returning magic to the world
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No promises, but if no one does it tonight, I will toss them up tomorrow morning.
posted by Atreides at 12:17 PM on December 7, 2014

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