The L Word: Generation Q: Let's Do It Again
December 10, 2019 10:52 AM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

The iconic lesbian soap is back.

Autostraddle recap.
Vulture: (by Cameron Esposito!)
"If I went into this pilot with any questions about whether this show has shifted alongside the queer community, this is creator Marja-Lewis Ryan’s thesis statement that is has. How has our community shifted? Well, it’s in the slashes. We are lesbian/bi/nonbinary/gender-nonconforming/trans/queer. And POC-centering and body positive. At least that’s who we say we are. What’s clear as we move through the rest of the episode is that that’s a lot for any soapy, raunchy, sexy romp to handle. That makes sense: It’s a lot for a community to handle, too."
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I just recently watched the first couple of seasons of the original L Word and honestly couldn't finish it - it was fun to a certain extent, but has not aged well, quality- or queer politics-wise. But I really enjoyed this first episode and I'm cautiously optimistic about this new run, with a new showrunner who seems to understand the problems with the first run.

And watching it with a bunch of queer, friends, I can really understand how exciting it must have felt to watch the first series as it aired. 15 years on, there's somewhat more lesbian/queer representation on TV, but so little that centers queer people, and especially queer community. So that felt really satisfying. I definitely teared up during the proposal scene, and cheered when the entire episode kicked off with period sex.
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I kinda want to join you in discussing this, but I'm kinda hesitant to discuss queer media on here lately. Wanted to say thanks for starting a thread on it though and let you know that there's some watching going on alright! As of now (ep four) I am finding it pretty messy in terms of what it's trying to say, a lot of mixed messages going on, but I reckon I am in it for the duration (again!).
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I'm enjoying this show (and watched all the original series) and the Autostraddle recaps alongside it.
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Seemingly not a popular discussion on FanFare but maybe people will be interested to know that GenQ has been renewed for a second season.
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