A Christmas Carol: FX's A Christmas Carol, episodes 1-3
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I don't know if I'm going to watch this whole thing tonight, but the considering that the series opens with a boy pissing on Jacob Marley's grave, I just had to open a thread to give it a laughing WTF. I mean, good on them for getting the "we're a gritty reboot" content out at the start, so anyone looking for a family-friendly Christmas Carol will have changed the channel at that point, before Scrooge dropped his first f-bomb.

Anyway, looking forward to getting to Andy Serkis' Ghost of Christmas Past, eventually.
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I'm watching it now and it's a mixed bag. There are some points that work like Scrooge's hatred of christmas being about the hypocrisy of it and tying Marley's redemption to Scrooge's. But making Scrooge a victim of sexual abuse saved by his sister at gun point? Yeah that was a bridge too far for me.

it is fascinating for its wtfuckery.
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I dunno what episode it was - but Scrooge forcing the poor lady to undress while crying made me nope right out. No redemption for you. Plus they showed us her naked backside - while she's crying. So gross.
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Bah, humbug!!

There's only one excellent Christmas Carol adaptation and that's The Muppet Christmas Carol!!
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Yeah the stripping scene is REALLY difficult. But it's made into a key plot point so as not to be labeled gratuitous. It also ties into his own history of sexual violence.

Honestly that whole grafting of sexual violence into it didn't work for me. Scrooge is more horrifying and realistic if he didn't come from a tortured background. There are certainly a lot of entitled rich people without empathy. Not everyone needs to be victimized to be cruel.
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I’m a Guy Pearce completist, so I gave this a go. Nuh-uh. I rather like the idea of Bob Cratchit having some bite to him, and overtly chafing under Scrooge’s employ, but being very cognizant of exactly, as he says, “the narrowness of my situation.” But the idea that Scrooge became Scrooge not because of his willingness to embrace vulture capitalism but because he was traumatized by childhood sexual abuse, which made him an abuser in turn, was a copout disguised as “relevance.”
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This was so bizarre. We started watching it last night, but the level of grittiness was preposterous instead of menacing. The initial dialogue between Scrooge and Cratchit seemed like an improv exercise between two actors--talented and thoughtful actors, but blue-skying nonetheless. And it surely doesn't sit right with me to cast the first black Mrs. Cratchit and then subject her to sexualized abuse.

Company came over midway through, so I didn't get a good look at what happened to Scrooge in his childhood, but by the time they went home, I was done with the thing. They sold me the seat, but I did not need the edge.
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I really really really like this, don't know if that's a Brit thing. (Haven't looked at your locations!)
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Finished watching this morning. Oof.

And it surely doesn't sit right with me to cast the first black Mrs. Cratchit and then subject her to sexualized abuse.

Yeah, and the implication that she wished the spirits upon Scrooge was ... I don't know if they were trying for a 'isn't she a badass' or what but it seemed more 'magical negro' trope to me.
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