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I think I added this to my Netflix queue from watching 'Bring It On, Ghost', as this show kept getting mentioned in the Dramabeans recaps or comments due to having the same director and some of the same actors.

The antics of sous chef Heo Min got pretty tiresome by the end (I'm glad I found the actor funny in 'Bring It On, Ghost' before having seen this, I think seeing this first would have soured me on him), but overall I enjoyed this series. The love triangle worked, and Park Bo-Young was great at playing the dual roles of Bong Sun and Soon-Ae-possessed Bong Sun.

And I appreciated this one having a satisfying finale after the WTF that was 'Black'. It seems from the handful of kdramas I've watched so far, that for the ones with a mystery/procedural aspect, they'll wrap up the plot elements of the crime/mystery in the penultimate episode, and then use the finale entirely for the resolution of the emotional arcs - like the epilogue chapter of a novel. It's a very satisfying convention/trope.

Hey, and no onscreen animal killing in this one, yay. (There is an implied moment of animal abuse or killing, as there's a sound of a dog yelping when the show is starting to drop hints that there's something suspicious about one character, but it could have been worse.) Though the treatment of 'Stalker' the corgi was irksome; what's the point of having your hero rescue a stray dog only to leave it leashed up on the apartment roof for the rest of the show? I just had to ignore the logistics (who was walking the dog? when? what about the hot weather the characters are complaining about?) and think of the dog as just a ghost-detecting-plot-device rather than an actual dog.
posted by oh yeah! at 8:05 AM on January 1, 2020

I watched both versions and definitely preferred this one. I felt like the Thai one had a lot of "huh?" moments, and the acting wasn't as nuanced. Loved Park Bo-Young's characters, and the couple was adorable.

The Corgi thing bugged me, too.

'Bring it On, Ghost' has been patiently waiting in my queue for a little while.
posted by moira at 1:18 PM on January 4, 2020

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