Cop Car (2015)
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A small-town sheriff (Kevin Bacon) sets out to find the two kids who have taken his car on a joy ride.

This was the feature that got Jon Watts the job directing the Tom Holland Spider-Man films. It is currently available streaming on Netflix in the US and via digital rental on a variety of services.
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This is a good but not Earth shattering movie. But it's easy to see what got Marvel excited: realistic writing/handling of kids interspersed with more action-oriented elements.

It's essentially two not that bright fifth graders inadvertently stumbling into a noir and getting stuck there.
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I generally liked this picture but thought the end was a huge letdown. I generally don’t mind nihilistic endings but this one was a bit much even for me.
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This movie especially shined in comparison to its title and premise.
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I thought it was a strong B-. Bacon and the boys were really very good. Nice premise, troubling ending. Disclosure: It was shot in my backyard basically, the county roads on the plains east of Pikes Peak. I know *exactly* where the critical scene was shot.
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