Letterkenny: Season 8
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So you were watching the latest season of Letterkenny with yr pals the other daaaaayyy....

Dycks & yanks, chirpin' & burpin', rippin' & jackin'... Lots of problems in Letterkenny, so pitter patter...
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One thing: can someone explain the "bartender with the ice cubes" joke to me? (Other than, "Getthefuckouttahere!"?)
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"So you like ices" = "So you like Isis?"
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Thanks. I thought, at that moment, Drk could have turned out to be either the right guy or the wrong guy, and we'd just have to wait and see. And I like how some threads opened back up, while some were tied up neatly.

I was howling in laughter at the Farm Stand cold open where they went through all the wrestlers' names.
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No, but I am now.

Thanks! for the heads up
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MetaFilter, are ya ready?

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(Now I'm wondering if the ices/Isis bit was a Canadian raising reference.)
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Is Dierks barely talking above a whisper meant to be a joke or a reference to something? He's like the "low talker" on Seinfeld...I have to turn the volume up whenever he's on. Is it just that he's so damn mellow?
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Watching Wayne watch TV is really engaging for some reason.

The boys discussing the logistics of the December challenge was some classic Letterkenny.

It was beyond juvenile, but I enjoyed the trip to the Dick farm.
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I am also hoping this is the last we see of Shoresy. One-trick pony.
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I did not know about this show until this post and I thought if not_on_display liked it then I'd probably like it too. And I just binged all eight seasons. And I did.

At work, I have a colleague who shares the same interest in TV and movies, most of the time. She like Russian stuff more than I do and I like this more than she did. She said she's only seen a few episodes and it was okay, but her dad loves the show.

As I was watching it I kept thinking about that dad remark. Yeah, it is a dad show. Lots of dad jokes, wordplay, puns. But I stayed for its more interesting reflections on masculinity. That was fascinating. All of the stereotypes were in attendance. And it was relatively woke, about as woke as It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Woke while pretending not to be woke. Knowing it might not be woke enough for some, like Professor Tricia. Even so I think it says a lot of really interesting things about masculinity. Could have been dumb, and it might appear so on the surface, like most men, but it's not.

I think what I like about this show is its focus on their ad-hoc family. All of Letterkenny seems to be a family. And I find it really interesting that Wayne and Katy inherited their parents' farm and thus far, have never said a word about their parents. They've not even been named.

Yeah, I want a piece of Dierks, too. When your friends need help, you help. Can't wait for the next season.

Also, can I say I have a giant crush on Wayne, even though I know he's not interested? I just want to wake up one morning with my head on his chest. Then we'd go out and do our chores.
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Also, Hulu's got a bunch of animated shorts up called Littlekenny, which is sort of a Muppet Babies version of Letterkenny. It's the main characters as little kids, and it kind of lays out how they became friends.
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Pretty much the perfect fanfare comment
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I was really happy to see Season 8 because I felt like season seven suffered a bit for reasons unknown. Time spent in the studio seemed more negative,Wayne seemed to dislike it and it just seemed like stuff was off-kilter, and then the big reveal with Marie-Fred and it seemed to get the boys (and Katie) back to their roots and back to wordplay and hijinx and the town coming together to do dumb and not dumb stuff. I, too, agree that it's interesting that no one says anything about Wayne and Katie's parents. Like they clearly inherited a biggish place (that barn building is large) but it's just... a thing you know about them.

I want a piece of Dierks, too.

He was the perfect weird villain. You could see why Katie liked him and you could also see why Wayne didn't and that friction (while at the same time not doing ANY shaming of Katie's right to make her own choices) was something I really appreciated about the show.
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I am also hoping this is the last we see of Shoresy. One-trick pony.
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I used to play hockey and the hockey element is one of my favorite parts, though I really think they blew it with the game against the women's team. The thing about hockey is that it is never played as it's intended. The only thing that prevents women from surpassing men in hockey is the violence. And I know this because I played with a girl, Louanne, the first in our district, probably the first in the state, to play on a league team. We played together for three years. She was extraordinary in every skill. What she wasn't was over 200 lbs. Were it not for the rough contact and vindictive checking, nothing could stop her.

If hockey were truly about skill, as it should be, a women's team could beat a men's team. Women can skate and maneuver as well as men, can handle the puck as well as a man, and shoot as well as a man, what they can't do is change physics. 238 lbs with equipment will always carry more inertia than 168 lbs when slammed into the boards. Were it not for that being an okay thing to do, hockey could be a more interesting and fair game.

So when the genders squared off on the ice, I foolishly hoped a ringer Louanne would hop the boards, take the ice and proceed to skate circles around the men. Maybe not catching up, but proving it wasn’t a matter of skill. Then in my fantasy a couple of the women would join the men’s team for the big playoff game. But yeah, that’s not how people actually play hockey.

As for Shorsey, I’m pretty sure that’s Jared Keeso doing those handstands as Shorsey showers his taint. I’m just fine with a few more looks at that gorgeous ass and those broad shoulders and strong arms. Though it’s kind of a narcissistic flourish I wouldn’t have added to my TV series. What I like about Shorsey is his mastery of trash talk. Which again, I think a woman could do just as well, if not better. Imagine if the show had Michelle Wolf in the writer's room.
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Hold my spitter...
So what you're saying is ...

                                                         _________________ ... but we gotta get to this level

we're at this level ... ____________________
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Oh, goddamn it, Dierks
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Look, you can hate on Shoresy all you want, but sweet sainted Neil Peart DAT ASS.

God bless Jared Keeso.
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No argument.
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And, to his credit, Shoresy did earn the best slashing penalty ever. Reminded me of the glory days of the Hanson Brothers.
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A friend suggested watching Letterkenny with the subtitles on. It's an entirely different show, especially the high speed pun riffs. I find it hilarious in itself the idea of using subtitles to watch a Canadian show.
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> He was the perfect weird villain. You could see why Katie liked him and you could also see why Wayne didn't and that friction (while at the same time not doing ANY shaming of Katie's right to make her own choices) was something I really appreciated about the show.

Oh, is that what you appreciate about the show?

Sorry, I just can't leave a set up like that.
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Shoresy is the anti-Wayne, their characters only meeting with the notion that both display extreme levels of competence in their chosen activities.
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So, they're both awesome motherfuckers?
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Can confirm.
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Just a heads up, season 9 arrives on Hulu on Saturday morning.
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Wait it's Saturday Morning now
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