Everything's Gonna Be Okay: Seven-Spotted Ladybug; Greenbottle Blue Tarantula (Episodes 1 & 2)
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I've never seen "Please Like Me", wasn't sure what to expect from this based on whatever promo I saw last week, but, I thought this was great. Very funny, but also poignant. Deeply quirky. And it's nice to learn from the Variety interview that Thomas hired an all-female writers' room "because I’m a boy and the cast doesn’t really have that many boys in it, and I don’t really need help writing my character — I get it, that would have been a waste of everyone’s time. But I needed help writing these teenage girl experiences, so I felt it was better to get people who used to be teenage girls."
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v warm, affectionate & watchable (though thought the end bit with flowers was a shade too much for me). interesting that the show starts with a death also, as it always seemed like the emotional climax of a "Please Like Me" season involved a death. keen to see how the season shapes out ~
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a very pleasant surprise - between this, The Unicorn and Work in Progress, there's some interesting things being broadcast dealing with sexuality, relationships, family and grief.
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This is a really lovely show. The characters are so real, both in the sense that they feel natural, flawed, kind, confused, and also in the sense that the are so real with each other, sharing what they are feeling and thinking with each other in a way that people who are close really do but that it seems like most shows don't let their characters do because the tensions come from not understanding each other.
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Catching up on the more recent episodes. Love it.
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Enjoy - they got renewed for a second season already too.
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This show makes me so happy. I just rewatched the pilot and marveled at how in this episode they introduced a character relatable enough for me to cry over his death and yet somehow managed to make it a feel good show.
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