Better Than Us: Season One
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This Russian production, available elsewhere in the world as a Netflix original, is a not officially licensed (but impossible to miss) remake of the Swedish series Akta Manniskor, which was itself remade by the BBC as Humans. A family on the brink of splitting up become the owners of a cutting-edge robot being sought by a corporation, homicide investigators and terrorists
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(pedantry: Äkta människor)
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Fair point. I was so worried about blowing the spelling, I forgot the accents... which is , essentially, blowing the spelling.
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I watched episode 1 and think it is pretty good. I love how futuristic everything is but then the guy is driving around in a beater from the 80s. It is basically my ideal aesthetic.
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I feel like the pitch meeting for this show was essentially people agreeing that neither the Swedes who made the original show nor the Brits who remade it had any shot of suing Russians over a remake, so why not.

Well that, and I fully believe this exchange happened (in Russian):
"People would want to fuck the robots."
"Yes, the originals touched on that."
"But like... people would really want to fuck the robots."
"Well yeah, it's in the concept, it's--"
"Like SO MUCH. They would want to fuck them SO MUCH."
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The first Russian has been me in every conversation I've ever had about robots and AI, so I'm going to have to watch this.
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More pedantry: Humans was made by, or for, Channel 4, not the BBC. Different TV stations have different aesthetics and priorities. The Night Manager, Killing Eve, His Dark Materials and other expensive co-productions are BBC; Utopia, Shameless, Humans, Skins (hopefully transgressive dramas) are Channel 4; Broadchurch is ITV, along with a number of other semi-anonymous dramas about flawed police investigating agonised domestic tragedies.
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The male lead was also in the Sniffer , a tv show about a man who uses his uncanny sense of smell to solve crimes.
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