BoJack Horseman: The View from Halfway Down
February 3, 2020 5:45 AM - Season 6, Episode 15 - Subscribe

BoJack reconnects with faces from his past.
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Reminder to those who, like myself, had forgotten: Zach Braff died in "Underground."
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I didn't understand the bird in this episode. Literally or metaphorically. Was it a callback to something?
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"There is no place. Just what your brain feels like it has to go through. All you can do now is sit back and enjoy the show."

*edit: death is often kinder than partial brain death when the body persists
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I'm picking up on Diane's journey of acknowledging clinical depression and the steps she takes vs. Bojack's reluctance to ... admit that his behaviours are likewise grown from clinically legitimate condition that could have benefited from earlier intervention(s) before it snowballed beyond what he could deal with?

This is difficult, and then throw in the "addiction" angle I'm not sold that the behaviours being highlighted here are simple pharmacological addictions but a far more complex array of interactions.

Anyway, thought that this was good-ish, thoughtful. Not looking forward to the final episode especially after the implied flatline.
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I'm familiar with the "bird in the house equals death" superstition, but for some reason my mind went to the Venerable Bede, especially once Herb confirms to BoJack that there is nothing after this life:
“The present life of man upon earth, O King, seems to me in comparison with that time which is unknown to us like the swift flight of a sparrow through the mead-hall where you sit at supper in winter, with your Ealdormen and thanes, while the fire blazes in the midst and the hall is warmed, but the wintry storms of rain or snow are raging abroad. The sparrow, flying in at one door and immediately out at another, whilst he is within, is safe from the wintry tempest, but after a short space of fair weather, he immediately vanishes out of your sight, passing from winter to winter again. So this life of man appears for a little while, but of what is to follow or what went before we know nothing at all.”
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This was rough, especially after finishing The Good Place recently.

I can’t help but see this episode as an indictment of the Hollywood system, with nearly explicit condemnation of the entertainment industry from Herb and Sarah Lynn.
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